The badly damaged road that leads to Kuala Kedah town. NSTP/email

VILLAGERS at Lorong Kampung Kompleks in Kuala Kedah, under the Kota Setar district want the local authority to repair a 50-metre stretch of road that connects the village to the town.

The villagers claimed the road was repaired before but the problem recurred since it was used by heavy vehicles that frequent a fishing jetty located near the village.

Coffee-shop owner, Ismail Ali, 48, said there were many potholes on the road which pose a danger to motorists and children who cycle to school.

“A few months ago, an agency poured gravel to cover the potholes but the tiny stones were washed away by rain.”


A spokesman from the Kota Setar district office said they would look into the complaint.

The spokesman said such complaints should be directed to a unit that dealt with such problems at the district office.

“We need to review their case to identify the road status.

“We also need to check with the village security and community development and the village head to get more information on the problem,” the spokesman added.

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