KUANTAN: Jaywalkers risk their lives when they do not utilise the overhead pedestrian bridge in Jalan Tun Ismail to cross the four-lane stretch.

M. Seethaletchumi, 57, said many pedestrians who did not use the pedestrian bridge posed a threat to other motorists, as their vehicles may collide into them.

“It is a four-lane stretch and pedestrians have the habit of stopping at the middle of the road before trying to cross over to the other side.

“Motorists have to slow down to give them way and avoid knocking into them.

“They could easily use the overhead pedestrian bridge instead, which is so near and safe.

“It is scary when families with small children or elderly people attempt to cross the road at night, or during heavy rain,” she said.

The housewife said since the wet market and a supermarket were located nearby, many chose to carry their groceries and take the easy way out by crossing the busy stretch rather than climbing the stairs of the footbridge.


A state Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department spokesman said pedestrians who did not use the pedestrian bridge could face a maximum RM300 compound.

He said an offender would be issued with the compound for obstructing traffic as his or her action endangers other road users.

“Policemen randomly conduct checks and stop pedestrians who ignore the traffic rules. But many (pedestrians) will give excuses when they are stopped, including claiming that they are rushing for work, or following others who did the same (crossing the road).

“Some pedestrians might take things for granted by claiming nothing will happen, only to realise the consequences of their actions when someone accidentally knocks into them,” he said. He added that the Kuantan Municipal Council should look into a plan to put up railings to deter pedestrians from crossing the road to get them to use the overhead bridge.

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