The part of Jalan Sekilau in Kuantan that was damaged. (PIC BY HIDIR REDUAN)

KUANTAN: Lorries transporting stones from a quarry have damaged a part of Jalan Sekilau, near the entrance of the Forest Development Office, here.

The public is concerned that the uneven surface will cause accidents.

Safarudin Yusof, 38, whose nasi lemak stall is located 15m from the damaged road, said the stretch had been damaged for the past three months.

“It is dangerous as motorists and motorcyclists swerve to avoid the stretch.

“A contractor repaired it two weeks ago, but the road was damaged again when heavy vehicles plied the stretch,” he said, adding that no sign was put up to warn motorists of the damaged road.

Safarudin, who lives in Bukit Sekilau, hoped that the authorities would look into the matter soon.

A Forest Development Office employee, who declined to be named, said employees had to navigate the damaged road daily to get to their workplace.

“It is a problem for those using small vehicles such as Kancil and motorcycles.”

Checks by the New Straits Times showed lorries plying the road every five minutes and office workers manoeuvring on the road to get to their office.


A representative from the Kuantan Public Works Department (PWD) said the quarry company must repair any damage caused by its lorries.

He said the company did hire a contractor to repair the damaged road.

“It could have been damaged again due to improper repair work,” he said, adding that PWD would check with the company.

State PWD director Datuk Abdul Jalil Mohamed gave the assurance that the matter would be addressed.

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