Melaka Historic City Council Mayor Datuk Zainal Hussin (NST file pix)

THE lure of fishing has led some anglers throw caution to the wind by fishing in prohibited areas along Sungai Melaka.

There have been complaints that anglers are crossing the barriers along the riverbank to fish in the river.

In a recent incident, three men crossed the barrier to cast their nets in the river, about 8pm. One of them pulled out the net, while the other two carried a bucket to place the catch.

A passer-by, Mau Ee Liz, 22, said the men were fishing from 7.30pm, adding that one of them was chest-deep in water.

“I was curious, so I approached them. The men were foreigners. They told me that they were short of money to send home. So, they caught fish for food to save money.

“I advised them not to fish there, but they didn’t appear to heed it.”

ACTIONLINE: Melaka Historic City Council Mayor Datuk Zainal Hussin voiced concerns about fishing in Sungai Melaka as the river was for tourism and recreation only.

“We do not allow fishing 10km from the river mouth because the river is used for Melaka River Cruise and other tourism activities.

“We hope all citizens give their full cooperation.”

He said enforcement officers would be sent to monitor the situation.

The Melaka government plans to develop a new pocket of theme parks along the riverbank.

The Hang Tuah Commercial Centre will develop 34 projects along the riverbank, stretching from Dewan Hang Tuah to Yayasan Toh Puan Zurina Hospital.

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