The damaged roof of the overhead bridge in Kuantan. Pix by Muhammad Asyraf Sawal

THE partially-shattered roof of an overhead bridge adjacent to Kompleks Teruntum in the centre of Kuantan has not only raised safety concerns, but also raised questions on why nothing has been done to remedy the situation.

As residents and pedestrians transfix their eyes on the jagged green-coloured edges of the roof, which glint under the relenting rays of the sun, many are worried about the risk they pose to the pedestrians using the bridge.

Yap Yoon Tat, 80, an owner of a shop near the foot of the bridge, said the roof had been in a state of disrepair for more than a year.

“This is embarrassing. Tourists would have a bad impression of Kuantan when they see the sorry state of the overhead bridge.

“It is an eyesore even to residents.”

Yap said the problem was all the more glaring as it was a facility in the centre of the town, which is among the focal points of the state government’s campaign to attract visitors to Pahang.

Syed Jamidin Syed Hussein, a Jerantut-born employee of a private firm, echoed Yap’s concerns about tourist perception.

“This (the damaged roof) gives a negative impression of the upkeep of facilities in Kuantan.”

He said problems such as this could turn tourists away.

The damaged roof of the overhead bridge in Kuantan. Pix by Muhammad Asyraf Sawal

Escalator service repairman M. Bala, 28, said strong winds had ripped parts of the roof.

“Further strong winds could cause parts of the jagged edges to detach.

“That can be dangerous as they are sharp and can cause injuries.”

Bala said he noticed the problem while driving underneath the bridge.

He urged the local authorities to fix the broken roof immediately to avoid any untoward incident.


Pahang Public Works Department (JKR) director gave assurance that he would direct the Kuantan district-level JKR to investigate the matter and take remedial action.

“We have received information on this and we will engage a contractor for repairs.”

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