The broken pavement at the Tanjung Chali riverside recreational park in Alor Star. PIC BY AMRAN HAMID

VISITORS to the Tanjung Chali riverside recreational park in Alor Star have urged the authorities to repair damaged concrete railings and pavements at the facility.

Besides being an eyesore to the popular city attraction, they say the broken amenities pose danger to the public, especially children.

A frequent visitor, Kamil Mohamad, 23, said the damage could have been caused by land erosion near the riverbank.

“The park is a nice place to exercise and relax after work. I am concerned the broken railings could cause small children to fall into the river.”

A trader, who operated near the park, said the riverside used to be a famous spot among visitors, but it was losing its appeal due to a lack of maintenance.

“If the area is well maintained, it can become a popular destination for locals and tourists, which is good for businesses.”


Alor Star City mayor Datuk Mohd Zohdi Saad said the council had requested RM20 million from the Federal Government for the city’s landscape project.

He said the Tanjung Chali riverside was one of the sites included in the project.

Zohdi said the Tanjung Chali riverside was an important part of the city as it was located near Pekan Melayu and Pekan Cina, which are rich in historical and traditional values.

Tanjung Chali is also the venue for the annual state-level Water Sports Festival held in conjunction with sultan of Kedah’s birthday celebration.

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