Taman Pandan Mewah, Ampang, has seen an influx of illegals. PIC BY ASWADI ALIAS

Taman Pandan Mewah, Ampang, residents are frustrated about the rising number of undocumented foreigners living in their area.

They claimed these undocumented foreigners were causing social problems and posed safety concerns.

Taman Pandan Mewah resident Shaharuddin Ismail said: “Some of them come home drunk from work and disturb residents.

“We are concerned about the safety of our children.”

He said some of the foreigners, who were working at nearby factories, were also setting up small businesses.

“Some of them operate foodstalls by the pavement of the flats.

“They also use abandoned cars in the parking lots as their storage place, which
in turn attracts rodents,” he said.

For the past 17 years, he said he had observed an influx of undocumented foreigners into in the location due to the cheap rent.

“There are a few factories nearby where they work,  so it explains why they are living here,” Shahraruddin said.

He claimed that some of them were refugees from Myanmar with United Nations High Commissioner for Re-fugees refugee cards, but had started small businesses without permits and would flash the cards during raids by the authorities.

He said residents had urged the authorities to take action against such people, but to no avail.


Selangor Immigration deputy assistant director Ramli Othman acknowledged that the department had received complaints from residents of Taman Pandan Mewah and the reported areas were under observation.

“We are ready to perform our duty after receiving  reports or complaints  from residents, but within the bounds of a proper investigation.

“We have raided the area before after receiving several reports,” he said.

“As Taman Pandan Mewah is vast, comprising 16 blocks of flats, we can’t raid every block, so residents must report problems to us.

“We have also been collaborating with the local council in terms of logistics when performing the raids,” Ramli said.

He added that the Immigration Department had collaborated with the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council last year in performing raids, which saw 200 foreigners  without legal documents detained, while some were refugee cardholders.

Ramli added that refugee cardholders could not perform any trade, such as operating foodstalls

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