Workshops in Taman Bukit Teratai, Cheras caught fire twice in as many years, putting the safety of residents at risk. PIC COURTESY OF READER

SEVERAL metal and auto workshops located near a residential area along Jalan 1/16 in Taman Bukit Teratai, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur are causing a nuisance to the residents.

Residents complained that they could hear loud noises continuously every day from 9am to 6pm, particularly from metal-grinding machines and vehicles’ exhaust sounds.

The residents were also unhappy about the emission of fumes from the premises’ activities.

They said the pollution had caused the windshields of their cars at home to be covered with consequent dust.

Ahmad Khalid Zainal, 27, claimed that a few of the workshops had been operating in the area for over 20 years, but the authority concerned had not taken any action to resolve the problem.

“Imagine being forced to face the loud sounds of metal grinding and cars’ exhaust throughout the day and even on weekends.

“As if that isn’t enough, broken-down cars and tow-trucks from the workshops are parked in front of neighbouring houses, causing inconvenience to road users.

“We are also concerned about the effects on our health as the workshops are discharging fumes. I believe we deserve a better quality living environment,” said Khalid.

Khalid added that he had filed several complaints with the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council and Environment Department on the matter but to no avail.

“All we wish is for the relevant authorities to take action to close down or relocate the workshops,” he said.



The Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) said checks were conducted following the complaint and that all four premises — an auto workshop and metal and commercial signage workshops along Jalan 1/16 — were found to be operating without valid licences.

Its public relations officer, Norhayati Ahmad, said that RM1,000 compounds were issued to the business owners under the Licensing of Trades, Businesses and Industries (Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur) By-Laws 2016.

“We understand that the business premises are located near the residential area, but as of now, there is no available space for their relocation.

“The MPAJ (enforcement division) has issued compounds to the business owners for operating illegally. The enforcement officers will also continue to monitor the situation in the area,” she added.

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