(File pix) The unkempt, cluttered back lane in Section 8. Pix courtesy of NST Reader

THE UNKEMPT back lane in a residential area in Section 8 is thought to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

A worried resident, Nik Deraman, said the lane was filled with broken pots as well as overgrown plants.

“I understand it’s a back lane and people normally don’t think much about it, but just recently, Shah Alam was recorded as having the highest number of dengue cases in the country. It is such places that are likely to be the breeding grounds for the Aedes mosquito.

“Stagnant rain water collects in the broken pots, making for perfect mosquito breeding grounds,” he claimed.

Nik said the back lane had been in such a state for over six months, and that he had lodged a complaint with the authorities concerned to no avail.

“The back lane is not only hazardous and cluttered but it is also dirty and smelly,” he added.


The Shah Alam City Council, through its Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Department, will inspect the area before deciding the next course of action.

“A team will be sent to investigate.

“We would like to remind the public to always ensure their compound is clean, including the lane behind their house.

“Residents should also dispose of rubbish properly to prevent any potential mosquito-breeding grounds,” said a city council spokesman.

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