A PUNGENT smell from an illegal landfill permeates Intan Apartment in Puchong Intan, Selangor.

Residents of the apartment claim they had to keep their windows shut to stop flies from getting into their homes.

Siti Normoni Mohd Sidek, who has been living at the apartment for the past 12 years, said residents had never faced this problem before.

She said units closer to the site bore the brunt of the problem.

“The smell that comes from the site is horrible.

“Not only is the smell bad, but flies are getting into our homes and annoying hawkers downstairs.

“Day and night, you can see lorries going in and out of the site, dirtying the road with rubbish stuck to the wheels.

“There were also excavators to cover up the rubbish with soil
at the site,” she said as she showed the site to Actionline.

Siti Normoni said the authorities had closed off the site.

“However, the operators reopened the site soon after.”

Intan Apartment Residents Association chairman Shah-rudin Mat said it had made many complaints to the local council, but no action was taken.

“Since they started operating the illegal dumpsite in November, the stench has been very bad and we cannot stand it.

“More than 100 five-tonne lorries bring garbage to the site, every hour of every day, even in the wee hours.

“We worry for our safety because stray dogs have started coming here because of the site.”

An illegal landfill near Intan Apartment in Puchong Intan, Selangor, is a nuisance to residents. PIC COURTESY OF READER


The Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) has seized vehicles involved in operating the landfill.

Its  deputy corporate director, Azfarizal Abdul Rashid, said MPSJ’s enforcement team and officers from the Petaling District and Land Office went to the site yesterday.

“MPSJ has decided to dig holes and cover them with concrete moulds.

“Other officers were present because the land belongs to the Selangor Education Department. We have also notified the department that its land is being used as an illegal dumpsite.”

He said MPSJ would monitor the site to prevent the operators from using it again.

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