The Kota Kinabalu City Council will review the decision on the pedestrian crossing between Asia City and Centre Point Sabah once the skybridge is completed at the end of the month. PIC BY MOHD NAZLLIE ZAINUL

RESIDENTS are urging the Kinabalu City Hall to keep a pedestrian crossing, which has a traffic light, in an accident-prone stretch between Asia City and Centre Point Sabah.

Plans are being considered to remove the crossing as a pedestrian bridge connecting the two shopping areas, as well as nearby Oceanus Waterfront Mall and Warisan Square, was being built.

City dweller Adi Herman Aliamat, 23, said he was worried that the pedestrian crossing might be removed once the skybridge was completed.

“This is a busy stretch and there have been many accidents in the past.

“I hope City Hall keeps the crossing, which makes it easier for pedestrians to go from one place to the other.

“The shopping areas here are popular among tourists and therefore, this crossing should be maintained.”


City Hall Traffic and Transportation Department director Kalvin Liaw said it would review the crossing once the skybridge was completed by the end of the month.

He said traffic congestion was the main concern but the department would consider the suggestions.

The crossing was opened on Jan 12 as an initiative by the Public Works Department after taking into account accidents involving pedestrians in the stretch.

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