A dumpsite in a housing area at Taman Seri Desa. PIC BY ZAHRATULHAYAT MAT ARIF

IPOH: Authorities to introduce stricter punishment on litterbugs.

with the rampant illegal dumping of rubbish.

Despite the many attempts by Ipoh City Council to curb illegal dumping of rubbish, such dumpsites keep reappearing in many residential areas.

Trader Mat Akhir Razak, 45, said the council should introduce more drastic action to clamp down on indiscriminate dumping of waste.

“Perhaps the fine could be increased from RM500 to RM800, or even RM1,000.”

He said it would be difficult for the council to maintain Ipoh as the cleanest city in the country if the problem was not effectively solved.

A resident, Khadijah Sulaiman, 54, said the council should make litterbugs do community service.

“A fine might teach them a lesson but community service would change their attitude in the long run. Despite campaigns, some people keep ignoring the rules.”

Khadijah said people should know that cleanliness was not the sole responsibility of the government or local councils, but was everyone’s civic duty.

It was reported that the council cleared over 6,700 tonnes of rubbish from 16,000 illegal dumpsites around the city last year.

The council also issued 2,405 compounds totalling RM507,400.

It is learnt that the areas where dumpsites keep reappearing are Persiaran Tawas, Pesara Ipoh Satu, Taman Pari, Taman Merdeka, Taman Sri Desa, Taman Chateau, Ipoh Garden South, Taman Mewah and Puncak Jelapang, among others.


A council spokesman said there was a plan to introduce community clean-up duty as punishment for litterbugs.

He said the community service would not be limited to picking up trash in public areas, but would also include cleaning public toilets, helping in welfare homes and other forms of public service.

“However, the council first needs to amend the existing council by-laws before community service punishment can be meted out,” he said.

The spokesman said the matter was still under discussion.

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