The lack of parking space at Duchess of Kent Hospital in Sandakan is upsetting the public. PIC BY AWANG ALI OMAR

The lack of parking space at Duchess of Kent Hospital in Sandakan, Sabah, is upsetting the public.

Sabah Liberal Democratic Youth chief Tsang Hieng Yee said:

“People find it difficult to find parking space when getting treatment or visiting patients at the hospital.”

Visitor Lee Chia Yee said she used an e-hailing service when going to the hospital.

“I have to park somewhere and call Uber or Grab to send and pick me up from the hospital.

“For now, it is the better alternative as I don’t have to worry about where to park,” she said.


Sabah Health director Datuk Dr Christina Rundi said the parking space shortage was found at most hospitals in the state due to the increasing number of vehicles.

However, Dr Christina assured that measures were being taken to address the problem at each hospital.

“For the Duchess of Kent Hospital, the state government has to prioritise the critical needs of the hospital.

“This includes upgrading and expanding old building and replacing the medical facilities, as the quality of its health services is at the forefront of the state’s focus.”

She advised using alternative modes of transportation when visiting the hospital to lessen the volume of traffic.

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