A portion of the damaged monsoon drain. PIC COURTESY OF MPJB

A monsoon drain near Sri Lanang flats in Taman Desa Tebrau, Johor Baru, is filled with rubbish and rocks, causing it to be clogged.

The drain had been clogged over a month ago, say flat dwellers, when parts of its wall collapsed, sending rocks tumbling into the drain.

The collapsed portion is in front of Block K.

The rubbish dumped into the drain include discarded furniture, old mattresses and plastic drink containers. All of which gradually formed a barricade against the proper flow of water.

An irate resident, who preferred to be known as Raju, said:

“Some residents did complain to the Johor Baru City Council (MBJB) about the collapsed moonsoon drain wall, but to no avail.”

Raju added that the stench made it uncomfortable for residents.

“Some parents are concerned that the clogged drain would turn into an Aedes breeding ground.”


Johor Baru Mayor Amran A. Rahman said repair work on the drain had been initiated.

“A crew was deployed to clean along the drainage path, and all the rubbish that was causing the blockage, including rubble from the collapsed wall, has been cleared.

“But I urge residents to stop throwing their rubbish or unwanted junk into the drain as it will cause clogging again.”

He said residents should appreciate a clean environment which contributed to healthy living.

“I want to remind those who continue to dump things into the drain that action will be taken if they are caught.”

Amran added that MBJB had scheduled repairs of the damaged drainage wall to start by end of the month.

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