A resident in Taman BDC in Kuching has raised concerns about posters put up by illegal moneylenders. PIC BY GOH PEI PEI

A RESIDENT of Taman BDC in Kuching is concerned about banners and posters put up by illegal moneylenders in the neighbourhood.

“Posters advertising illegal services are put up by Ah Long all over the place. The advertisements are pasted on road signs, lampposts and bus stops.

“I have seen some nailed to the trees. It is an eyesore.

“The posters may have a negative impact on youth and children,” said the housewife, in her 50s, who declined to be named.

She said she had been living in the housing estate for more than 20 years and that the situation was worrying.

“The problem has escalated. It must be addressed soon. I hope the City Council will take action to remove the illegal posters.”


Kuching South City Council (MBKS) Mayor Datuk James Chan said measures to remove the posters and banners of illegal moneylenders are carried out daily.

He said he had directed City Council enforcement teams to step up operations and monitor the affected areas, like Taman BDC.

“Each day, City Council personnel remove an average of 100 unauthorised advertisements.”

Last year, MBKS enforcement teams removed more than 10,000 illegal posters and bunting.

“Our enforcement personnel are inspecting the situation on the ground — the main roads, commercial and residential areas, as well as five-foot ways,” said Chan.

He urged the public to become the eyes and ears of the City Council to prevent illegal
advertisements from cropping up.

“It’s a challenging task as the moneylenders always put up new advertisement materials.

“The public must take photos if they see anyone putting up illegal advertisements in the neighbourhood.

“We can lodge a police report if we have evidence. Otherwise, it is difficult to take action against the culprits.”

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