Grab, the ride-hailing service with the largest network in Malaysia, has launched the “Better 365” campaign.

Grab, the ride-hailing service with the largest network in Malaysia, has launched the “Better 365” campaign.

The campaign aims to promote the welfare of its driver-partners on four fronts - better support, increased earnings, better tools and stronger community.

“We want to ensure that our driver-partners’ hard work pays off and that they have the right tools to make their jobs easier and increase their income. Through these new initiatives, Grab is working to make mobility safe and accessible for all users, especially our driver-partners who are not only driving Grab as a source of income, but are a fundamental piece of our service,” said its country head Sean Goh in a statement.

He added that more than 1.8 million driver-partners relied on Grab as a source of income.

“According to a survey published in June, Grab’s driver-partners earn 32 per cent more in come on a per-hour basis compared with an average worker’s wages across all of Grab markets,” he said.

As part of the campaign, Grab has introduced a series of features and community events to support its drivers, such as:

* TRIP RATING: Grab drivers can provide feedback about their overall trip experience and passengers as “positive” or “negative” and select multiple reasons for their ratings, including location or route, payments and passengers. The trip rating aims to improve Grab’s driver-partners’ safety and driving experience.

* SIMPLIFIED DRIVER INCENTIVES: A refreshed, simplified screen features incentive progress bars, which makes it easier for driver-partners to track their efforts of meeting their incentive targets while driving at flexible hours and locations.

* IN-APP HELP CENTRE: A new set of in-app self-service tools to assist drivers to manage their account and obtain answers to their most frequent questions without having to call the Grab support line. With this new feature, Grab drivers are able to free up their time to maximise earnings through the platform.

* GRABALLSTARS: A driver loyalty programme that enables drivers to benefit from offers and discounts from various electronic, food, fuel and retail brands such as Petronas, Tesco Malaysia, Celcom, Texas Chicken Malaysia, Poliklinik Lourdes, Maxx ‘N Go and Shopee Malaysia.

* GRAB DRIVER CENTRES: One-stop support centre to cater to enquiries, registration and training sessions for drivers.



Early this year, Grab kicked off a series of meet-the-drivers and teh-tarik sessions to engage and have an open dialogue sessions with drivers.†

Moving forward, Grab will also roll out the following features under the ‘Better 365’ campaign:

* IN-APP TRAINING VIDEOS FOR DRIVER-PARTNERS: Videos within the Grab app will enable driver-partners to have access to training videos and basic tips at their finger-tips.

* MY DESTINATION: An in-app feature that helps driver-partners log their final destination for the day and pick up a few rides on the way to their final location.

* DAILY CASH-OUT: Drivers will benefit from a faster payout for their bookings as opposed to waiting till end of the week to cash out their incentives.

* SELFIE AUTHENTICATION: An easy way to authenticate partner-drivers, ensure safety and prevent fraud via a selfie.

Grab currently operates in 132 cities in seven countries, serving more than three million customers daily.

It has a market share of 95 per cent in third-party taxi-hailing and 72 per cent in private-vehicle hailing.

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