The Myvi 1.5 Advance is priced at RM55,300 exclusive of insurance.
Rear headrest

MENTION the name Myvi, and most people will give a thumbs up, because this compact car from Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd (PERODUA) has won the hearts of Malaysians since 2005.

With the introduction of the third generation Myvi, with a long list of improvements, there is confidence that it will remain the king of compacts in the country.

The main factor for the Myvi’s special place in the hearts of Malaysian is undoubtedly the price, because all the five variants are offered with attractive prices, starting from RM44,300 to RM55,300.

In fact, Malaysians will undoubtedly be proud because the Myvi was developed by young Malaysians as well. The previous stigma of the Myvi as only a rebadged Daihatsu no longer holds water.

Not only was the design made by locals, the engine itself was built by PERODUA at its Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing (DPEM) in Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan.

The engineers were undoubtedly under immense pressure to develop a Myvi that would not only be known as the best compact in Malaysia, but also leave a lasting impression among Malaysians.

The interior of the new Myvi space for driver and passengers alike


The writer managed to spend five days with the Myvi 1.5 Advance to evaluate the performance of this made-in-Malaysia compact car.

The test drive was all the more relevant because the writer himself owns a Myvi 1.3 SE, manufactured in 2008.

This old Myvi SE has given very little trouble over the nine-year period of ownership. The engine itself is particularly bulletproof. No doubt, the writer was eager to test the new iteration of his car.

From the outside, the new Myvi looks smaller compared to the author’s car, but at the same time, looks more “solid”, and will no doubt endear Perodua fans. In actual fact, it is bigger.

This all-new model offers technology, young-at-heart styling, versatile space and smart safety.

Touching on the young-at-heart styling element though doesn’t mean that it won’t resonate with the older generation as well.

The Myvi’s drivetrain consists of a 1.5l Dual VVT-i DOHC engine with a four-speed automatic box that has been energy-efficient vehicle (EEV) certified.

The engine huffs out 102hp at 6,000 rpm and 136Nm at 4,200 rpm.

Meter panel in the new Myvi

The power generated makes it feel extremely smooth. Starts from a standstill are easy and low gear acceleration is good.

From the outside, the Myvi is 3,895mm long, 1,735mm wide, 1,515mm tall and has a 2,500mm wheelbase.

These dimensions make the new Myvi 210mm longer, 70mm wider and 55mm lower than the previous iteration, with a 40mm longer wheelbase.

Making it more sophisticated are the front and rear LED lights with “auto-off” and “follow me home” functions, making it look like a premium car.

The Myvi 1.5 Advance comes with two-tone 15-inch alloys and side skirts, a two-tone rear bumper with spoiler and a fin antenna which makes it look more sporty.

The new model has 277 litres of storage capacity, whereas the maximum space that can be attained is 832 litres with the seats down.

The new Myvi features keyless entry as well as push start convenience.

The digital air-conditioner can be set with two memory modes.

The leather front seats with red and white stitching are comfortable for both driver and passenger alike.

The Multimedia system is equipped with rearview camera display and GPS

The multimedia “Smart Link” with Bluetooth system is equipped with a rearview camera display as well as a Global Positioning System.

For those who want to charge their gadgets and mobile phones, three USB chargers are practical as a family will undoubtedly own more than three gadgets.

The anti-theft handbag lock on the front passenger seat is especially useful for female drivers.

The meter panel is equipped with an LCD display with a blue ring on the analogue area, whereas the multifunction steering wheel is leather wrapped.

A unique feature that has to be applauded is the Smart Tag card reader which has been installed on the dashboard to the right of the driver.

This is the first time this author has encountered such a device in a national car.

In terms of safety, the Myvi is equipped with anti-lock brakes system (ABS) with electronic brake force distribution (EBD) and vehicle stability control (VSC) as well as six airbags.

The difference between this variant and the other is the advanced safety assist (ASA) technologies available.

Systems include the pre-collision warning (PCW), which alerts the driver in the event of an impending collision so that preventive measures can be taken.

The rear view of the Myvi 1.5 Advance

The pre-collision braking (PCB) system helps stop the vehicle if the driver fails to press the brake pedals, while the front departure alert system alerts the driver if the car in front moves away, especially in traffic jams.

The ASA suite also includes pedal mis-operation control, which is sophisticated enough to stop the movement of the car in case the driver unwittingly shifts to D.

This system will be activated in cases where the car detects there is a obstacle in front such as a wall.

Behind the wheel, the Myvi 1.5 Advance is very practical to drive, and even at speeds of up to 170 kph, it is smooth and there are no vibrations through the steering wheel.

The author also had no qualms about attacking the corners with it.

Overall, the Myvi is a good buy, a compact car with premium features at a price that is affordable.

The new Myvi has 277 litres of boot capacity and a maximum 832 litres with rear seat down

Specifications Perodua Myvi 1.5 Advance

On-the-road price without insurance: RM55,300

Engine: Four-cylinder 1,496 cc DOHC with Dual VVT-i

Four-speed automatic transmission

Power: 102hp @ 6,000 rpm

Torque: 136Nm @ 4,200 rpm

Fuel capacity: 36 litres

Safety features: Six airbags, ABS, EBD, VSC, TRC, ESS and ISOFIX

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