Tzong Lee (right) and Zare Lee at the TRAPO hub in Melaka.
The mats can be customised with additional padding.
There are different mat and line colours to choose from.
Trapo classic range of car mats.

TRAPO is a manufacturer and supplier of car mats that are anti-slip, odourless, are waterproof and can trap mud and dirt easily.

The mats also come with one-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Its parent company, Sun Ta Toys Sdn Bhd, is a Melaka-based premium EVA toys foam manufacturer and supplier with 15 years of experience.

Toys foam wastage had been a big issue for the company as it was generally bulky but light in weight. Therefore, it was expensive for the company to send out to third-party waste collectors or even burn for energy.

In 2015, its research and development department came out with a revolutionary way of mixing recyclable materials with some polymers to turn them into functional products - car mats.

After a year of planning for the product, brand and validation, the Lee brothers, Tzong Lee and Zare Lee, have successfully introduced TRAPO to the Malaysian market.

Tzong said there were many cases of avoidable accidents that were caused by the car mats stuck onto the throttle or brake pedals.

“That is why, it is important to choose the perfect car mat.”

Tzong added that TRAPO’s tag line was “Trap All Your Worries”. It not only traps mud, dirt, sand and water that come into your car but most importantly, solves the problem of finding a safe mat.

“For us in TRAPO, safety is our main priority.”

He added that velcro had been fitted at the back of every TRAPO mat to prevent slippage and all the features, designs as well as materials used were safe. “The materials used are odourless as well as hygienic. It is suitable for everyone, including toddlers.”

Tzong said when compared to the conventional rubber and coil mats, TRAPO car mats were extremely easy to clean. It is waterproof and has a 7mm reservoir to trap any form of liquid.

“It takes 20 per cent less time to dry the mats compared to the coil mats. Conventional coil mats are hard to dry and clean.”

He said TRAPO was targeted at new car buyers, who were ordering the car mats even before getting the actual car.

Concurrently, Zare said TRAPO was the only car mat manufacturer to provide a full solution.

“We are the only car mat manufacturer that does ‘A to Z’ and most importantly, it’s proudly made in Malaysia. We start from the manufacturing to the branding and finally the customisation and installation,” said Zare.

He added that currently, most customers purchased the mats online or via TRAPO partners and agents nationwide.

“Our customers purchase from various channels. Customers can also arrange for an appointment at our TRAPO Hub to have the TRAPO mats installed,” said Zare.

TRAPO has opened its first hub in Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka.

“We are aiming to have more TRAPO Hubs across major cities in Malaysia over the next five years,” said Zare.

Meanwhile, Tzong also added that TRAPO had recently started operations in Indonesia and Singapore using the same business model. “It is an interesting market for TRAPO and it has a very positive outlook.”

Currently, the TRAPO Classic range of car mats are priced from RM160 to RM220, depending on the size of the mat.

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