THE Velocity Motorshow (VMS) and Retro Havoc 2018 were well received with over 6,000 visitors turning up.

It is a gathering organised by VMS for Retro cars and JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars to showcase their modified masterpieces,

as well as for members of the car clubs to meet up.

Heavily modified VIP-style cars.

More than 130 cars turned up to exhibit their machines. JDM cars consisted of Japanese manufactured cars such as Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Toyota and Subaru. As for the retro cars, they were mostly old school, European-made cars.

“Over 100 retro cars and more than 30 JDM cars had filled the Sunway BRT Multilevel Car Park. Most of the cars were modified and some are rare models,” said event organiser Thomas Loh.

A rare Oldsmobile.

Three floors were filled with one-of-a-kind cars that were heavily modified to look fabulous or perform fast and furiously. A BMW M6 was modified to looked like a police car. There were Japanese sports cars like the Nissan Skyline, Honda NSX, Toyota Supra, Toyota MR2, Mitsubishi Evolution, VIP-style modded Toyota Vios, Honda Stream and Perodua Myvi.

If that was not enough, there were plenty of old school cars, such as BMW, Datsun, Ferrari,

Mercedes-Benz, Oldsmobile, Porsche, Toyota Corolla and Volkswagen on display.

An old-school Volkswagen Camper.

Miss Motorsport Malaysia 2016 Nicole Khoo said she was excited to participate in the VMS. She said the event was “loud” and liked it because it was filled with many performance cars and old school cars.

Participant Nick Tan, who had his VIP-style Myvi on display, said

while being part of the show was very tiring, it was worth it.

“It gives (me) an opportunity to meet car enthusiasts and get ideas on how they would modify their cars. It is a wholesome event for youngsters,” he said.

A visitor, Mohamad Fairoz Mohamad Roshidi, he said he found the event interesting.

The VMS and Retro Havoc 2018 event was filled with uniquely modified cars.

“It is a great place to get inspiration. It is amazing how they managed to transform old scrap (to most people) into something modern, cool and usable,” said Mohamad Fairoz.

After the successful VMS and Retro Havoc 2018, we are looking forward for the September edition of VMS 2018.

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