MALAYSIAN students are proving that they can compete at the highest level by excelling in international competitions and tournaments which have brought recognition to the country on the world stage.

The Education Ministry stresses that they aspire to produce not only academically-competent students, but also those who have additional skills and talents which can make the country proud.

Among the efforts undertaken to achieve this are the co-curricular activities in schools comprising sports, clubs and associations and uniformed bodies, made compulsory for students to join.

Malaysia representatives at the 2017 Bangkok International Intellectual, Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition earlier this year.

Deputy director-general (operations) Aminudin Adam said co-curricular activities now came as second nature to students, teachers and schools.

“Co-curricular activities complement and perfect the curriculum in class. Whatever the students learn in a formal setting is strengthened by what they learn outside of class.

“Based on this, the ministry gives due focus on efforts to ensure students are active in co-curricular activities.”

The national education philosophy supports this, he said, as it calls for continuous efforts towards developing comprehensive and integrated individual potential to produce a balanced individual.

In addition to this, Aminudin said, shift three of the Malaysia Education Blueprint (2013-2025) urges the development of values driven individuals by reinforcing students participating in sports clubs and uniformed bodies.

“We introduced the concept of internationalisation in the co-curriculum for students to excel at a higher level.

“Performing their best at the international level in sports, clubs or uniformed bodies are the direct proof that Malaysia students are on par with those of any other country in the world.”

For 2017, there were hundreds of success stories involving local students achieving great results in international competitions.

Malaysian students representing the country at the 2nd Istanbul International Inventions Fair 2017 in March this year.

Aminudin said this was possible also with the involvement of private and public agencies which worked together in financing students to join overseas competitions.

“We are doing well in producing global students with skills for the 21st century. It is no secret that today‘s generation will undergo many challenges, so having multiple skills in addition to knowledge, is imperative for success.

“All of our schools, from national schools to fully-residential schools, art schools, sports schools and even special education schools, have all shown impressive performances to the world.”

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