THIS year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, and held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California, concluded recently. A number of interesting topics were brought to light at the event. E3 is the event where notable videogame corporations share with the gamers what to expect in the near future and it’s one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world, akin to Wrestlemania of the gaming world.

Here are the most noteworthy highlights of E3 2017.


The Microsoft Xbox team has revealed the real name of Project Scorpio. It’s now officially named the Xbox One X and this beastly Xbox One variant will be retailing at US$499 (RM2,128).

Of course, this shouldn’t be taken as the official price for our country but rather, an expectation of what the price would be like here.

The Xbox One X is the smallest Xbox console ever and comes with a lot of horsepower under its hood, at least within console standards. It has a CPU/GPU combo capable of delivering 6 teraFLOPS of computing power, 12 gigabytes of GDDR5 RAM, a 1TB hard disk drive, and a 4K ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive. It’s said to be able to deliver true 4K gaming experience to the console space.

All Xbox One games will benefit when used with the Xbox One X but to gain a substantial upgrade in experience, gamers will have to look out for the “Xbox One X Enhanced” label, which indicates it being capable of running at 4K resolution and HDR mode to enjoy the beastly hardware.


The widely-loved action RPG series Monster Hunter is finally making the jump to multi-platform consoles with Monster Hunter World. This series has primarily been on handhelds, despite having so many elements that would work better on consoles. The new game will bring some major changes to the series formula.

As it was announced during a PlayStation conference, there was confusion on the game’s availability as far as platform is concerned.

Monster Hunter World will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

It will be released in early next year for the consoles but the PC version will only be available at a later, unspecified date.


Many gamers across the globe have been waiting for the sequel to Michel Ancel’s iconic 2003 game, Beyond Good & Evil.

A sequel was announced several years ago but it had been missing in action for way too long, which usually means that it’s stuck in development hell or was quietly cancelled.

This year, Ubisoft closed their Press conference with a CGI trailer that indicated that the publisher is finally serious about getting Beyond Good & Evil 2 out the door.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be a prequel set even before previous game’s protagonist Jade was born. This opens the door to all sorts of interesting narrative possibilities. Unfortunately, that’s the only details unveiled about the storyline. It is because the game is still in the early stages of development, so anything can change from now until the release date.

It is said to have an online component but it is unknown whether this will be related to co-operative play, battling against other players or both. We expect more concrete information to surface next year the earliest.


Many gamers complain that with the number of reboots and remakes hitting store shelves, there isn’t much original content to go on. BioWare is offering a solution with the unveiling of its latest game in development, currently known as Anthem.

The game looks like a third-person Destiny-like online action game, where you and your friends can fly around a huge open world in robotic suits and fight various types of monsters.

It also looked absurdly pretty. However, it’s common for a demo to be more aesthetically-pleasing compared to the final product, so don’t be surprised if the visuals for the final product seem a bit underwhelming.

Based on the reveal trailer alone, it is easily one of the most impressive games anybody has shown this year. BioWare stated that Anthem will be out sometime next year but knowing its track record, expect to see at least one major delay before its release.


The Nintendo Switch is clearly lacking in games since its launch. In fact, the only iconic Nintendo game series to have a game on the new system is The Legend Of Zelda, which was a launch title. The debut of the legendary red plumber on the Nintendo Switch is inevitable but details on the game have been scarce.

That is until Nintendo’s Spotlight livestream at E3 2017. A brand new trailer on Super Mario Odyssey was screened, portraying Mario in a variety of new maps, including desert dunes, grassy hills and a city akin to New York with actual, human-sized people.

As usual, Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach and it’s up to the plumber to rescue the damsel in distress. However, a brand new game mechanic was introduced in the trailer; Mario is capable of becoming the enemy himself. He can take control of enemies by tossing his red cap on these adversaries and thus, becoming them.

This is apparently an important component in going through obstacles in the game, as each enemy will have a unique ability such as walk on hot lava or be able to fly.

Super Mario Odyssey’s release date has been revealed to be on Oct 27.

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