Taking selfies with the EX-FR100L is easy as it has a super-wide-angle 16mm lens.
The Exilim EX-FR100L.
Detach the camera from the body to take picture at a distance away.

ALMOST all smartphone users take selfies and wefies, and some are even addicted to them.

If you want to go a step further, check out Casio‘s dedicated selfie camera, the Exilim EX-FR100L.

It‘s designed to make you look amazing in your photos.

Design-wise, you will either love or hate the Casio Exilim EX-FR100L.

It looks like a cross between a small smartphone and a 360-degree camera, where you can detach the camera from the body.

This makes it easy to place the camera a distance away from you while you use the body to control it.

By so doing, you get a wider and better selfie angle.

The EX-FR100L camera offers a super-wide-angle 16mm lens, which is ideal for selfies and wefies.

Unlike taking selfies with a phone where you’ll get three-quarters of the frame filled with just your face, this camera will give you or viewers a better view.

This camera captures a lot of the background, for example, beautiful locations such as the beach or a mountain top.

In short, it is well-suited for capturing self-portraits anywhere.

The camera and controller units can be configured to achieve different shooting styles.

There is also a feature to make your legs look longer.

Just place the camera unit on the ground and snap a selfie using the controller unit.

The camera can also be configured with the lens and liquid crystal display screen facing the same direction for taking selfies.

Users can opt to join the camera and controller units together in the form of a conventional compact camera which is ideal for taking group photographs and scenic landscapes.

What is a selfie camera if it cannot make you look good?

Well, the EX-FR100L can. It doesn’t just take better selfie photos — it also brings with it a “make-up artist“ in the form of an app.

The app, called Make-up Art, makes both faces and background look more pleasing and beautiful.

Exclusive to this camera, the Make-up Art function highlights the user’s beauty while enhancing the surrounding scenery.

The camera achieves better image results by applying an original image analysis and processing faces and background scenes separately.

The Make-up Art function comprises the Make-up Vivid and Make-up HDR modes. Both modes adjust skin smoothness while increasing colour saturation and contrast of the background.

With this function, you do not have to do adjustments in Photoshop or other photography software. In fact, you can share awesome selfies on social media straightaway.

The Make-up Vivid mode boosts colour saturation and background contrast to produce vivid colours for a pop-art dimension, while the Make-up HDR mode emphasises contours to produce visually artistic images which look like paintings.

To make selfies even more beautiful, the camera reproduces natural skin tone. Users can choose between 12 levels of skin smoothness and six levels of skin tone, and can brighten or darken one’s complexion.

A selfie camera needs to be tough because you take selfies everywhere.

With a tough built, you don’t have to worry if you accidentally drop it.

Designed with durability in mind, both the camera and controller units can withstand a drop of 1.7 metres or 1.3 metres when docked.

Waterproof and dust-proof, the Exilim EX-FR100L is designed to shoot underwater scenes.

The camera is built to function at temperatures as low as -5ºC, making it perfect for capturing winter holiday memories.

Connectivity is easy with this camera. Using Bluetooth, it can be constantly connected to a smartphone installed with the Exilim Connect application, enabling images saved in the camera to be viewed and transferred to a smartphone.

The camera costs RM2,149.

Verdict: 4/5

Design: 4/5

Useability: 5/5

Features: 4/5

Value for money: 3/5

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