THE EcoLantern from Ecoxgear is a 100 per cent waterproof lantern that boasts multiple light modes and an omni-directional speaker, all crammed into a rugged form factor. It boasts IP67 waterproof rating, where it is fully submersible and portable despite being just 25cm in height.

Despite the relatively small form factor, the EcoLantern is still able to deliver 400 lumens of light in a quartet of different modes — bi-directional control, dimmable, multi-colour and emergency flashing.

The EcoLantern also has 360-degree light and sound that are powered by a custom designed acoustic cone, allowing sound to be equally distributed in all directions.

All of the above makes the EcoLantern extremely versatile, where it is equally at home at a campsite party or a cosy night by the fire.

The EcoLantern will run off a 5Watt omni-directional speaker and passive subwoofer, thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Just in case your music playback device has yet to jump aboard the Bluetooth bandwagon, there is always the Aux-In option.

Ecoxgear has also thrown in its EcoConnect, enabling users to pair a couple of units to enjoy wireless stereo sound.

There is also integrated Voice Assistant capability which is compatible with Siri and OK Google.

A 5,000 mAH rechargeable battery will keep the EcoLantern chugging along all night, while a USB fast charge port allows it to double up as an emergency power bank.

With a built-in bottle opener on the base capping things off, this US$129.99 (about RM550) purchase is definitely worth considering.



PHIATON’S BT 390 foldable on-ear headphones are designed to be the perfect companion for long trips.

The headphones feature Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity that ensures seamless wireless connectivity. It boasts a minimalistic exterior alongside an easy-to-carry design.

At US$79, this compact pair of wireless headphones can deliver up to 30 hours of non-stop music playback time.

Maximising the use of powerful 40mm drivers to deliver an optimised vibration system, Phiaton ensures that there is additional emphasis placed on high frequency clarity to deliver improved sound. Oversized Neodymium magnets result in a rich, commanding bass.

Also included are padded ear and head pads so that listeners can have a comfortable fit even for hours on end, while the fold-and-go design will make your daily commute less of a hassle since it can easily be removed and stashed into carry-on luggage and shoulder bags.

There are also multi-function buttons on the outside of the BT 390 alongside a microphone on the ear cups that delivers wireless control of music as well as phone calls.

Multipoint technology increases the convenience level by hooking up any two Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously.

Everplay-X technology will keep the music going in the event that the battery runs out of juice.

Available in either black or white, the Phiaton BT 390 foldable headphones are a decent purchase for anyone looking for an upgrade.



ANYONE who has spent a day in the sun or by the waterfall will definitely know that a smartphone can overheat or worse, slip out of your hands into the water.

Enter the Phoozy thermal capsule, a smartphone accessory that offers peace of mind, thanks to its integrated drop protection and buoyancy. In other words, it floats when it hits the water, ensuring that your handset remains dry.

With its slim design, the Phoozy can slip in and out of pockets easily, while ensuring that both charging and accessory points remain accessible at all times.This exclusive, patent-pending design boasts Phoozy’s proprietary chromium-infused material in its outer shell, enabling it to reflect more than 90 per cent of the sun’s energy.

Underneath the ultra-lightweight shell, there is a complex matrix of layered materials that ensure the device remains well guarded from the likes of liquids, sand and snow.The Impactor Core offers military-grade (810G) impact resistance and buoyancy.

The protective features will not affect Bluetooth or cellular signals in any way, so you do not have to worry about experiencing dropped calls.The Phoozy thermal capsule preserves battery life in both extreme heat and cold conditions, so it is definitely worth the US$29.99 price.

It is compatible with the iPhone SE, 6, 7 and Plus models, Google Pixel and Pixel XL, and Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ range of smartphones.

Do check the website as to whether your LG, Motorola or HTC handsets are compatible as well.



A PORTABLE blender is not something that is high on one’s shopping list but this does not mean that owning one is a bad idea.

The Rocket Bottle Plus is a unique take on a blender, being both portable and rechargeable at the same time.

Fitness buffs will definitely appreciate it, since it allows them to concoct their favourite drink just about anywhere and anytime, as long as the right ingredients are in place.

This 22oz rechargeable blender boasts stainless blades and an 18,000 RPM motor that will serve up the avocado banana smoothie that you have been craving for in double quick time.

Besides its sleek and luxurious design, the device does not disappoint in performance. Not only is it leak proof, the Rocket Bottle Plus also doubles up as a portable power bank.

Being odour- and stain-resistant as well, the blender is easy to clean. The 5,800mAh battery is good for 20 blends or a two-hour run time.


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