This Dancing Smoke Jacket and Perforated Pullover is a gorgeous white combo that’s both stylish and airy.
The line has expanded this season, with more windbreakers, tops and even sports bra, all tailored for Asian customers.
Calvin Klein Performance wants wearers to feel comfortable and look cool doing so.
Beam Blue Stripes High Neck Sports Jacket With Blue Capri are electrifying in their pattern.
The Perforated Wind Jacket and Marble White Leggings look cool together.

This label’s line is made for comfort and social media, writes Syida Lizta Amirul Ihsan

BEFORE you judge Calvin Klein Performance, a line of active wear from one of the world’s most popular clothing labels, think first of the brand’s core — simple, stylish clothes for everyday wear to amp your style quotient.

It would be unfair therefore, to benchmark the line against the likes of Nike or Under Armour which are heavily invested in technology to improve athletes’ performance.

So think of performance, not so much in your sporting prowess, but how good you look in an athleisure pair after your spinning class for that Instagram post with your chia seed bowl and cold-pressed fruit juice.

This season, the jackets and pants in marble pattern take centre stage. They are light and stylish for your gym class and a drink session later.

I like the lightness of the windbreaker. You can even wear it when heading out for a meal without looking like you just sweated buckets in the gym.

Some articles are made of neoprene, for a sleek silhouette that’s also light.


The Calvin Klein Performance stores — located in Pavilion and Mid Valley Megamall — offer a full range of women’s performance wear designed in keeping with the brand’s modern aesthetic.

Each season, the line features compression apparel — including capris, running tights, tank tops, sport bras, t-shirts and hooded jackets — rendered in authentic performance fabrics which are finished with stylish detailing.

This season, the line features innovative fabrics and technology such as seamless, bonded apparel. Each delivery features updated silhouettes suitable for a range of lifestyle activities which are offered in new fabrics and a fresh colour palette.

Its seamless collection is free of stitching and comes with dry fast function. It’s not that fast for high intensity workouts but it’s good enough for the gym or yoga. The clothes are lightweight, comfortable and offer a smooth fit on a wide range of body shapes.

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