The Chempaka set with product by By Terry.
The Kamelia set comes with Diptyque products.
There is no better way to showcase the potential of paper craft than through the Malay wedding “hantaran”.
The DH x Kens hantaran arrangements are inspired by the goddesses of Greek and Roman mythology incorporating paper florals and marble-printed finish.

CALLING brides who love a touch of contemporary aesthetics in traditional settings!

Weddings are all about pushing the boundaries of creativity so why not be a little more hip with your decorations by featuring handcrafted paper designs instead of fresh (or plastic) flowers?

Don’t be too quick to think the art is outdated. DH (short for Dua Hati) Artful Decor is on a mission to prove that paper can enhance a ceremonywith interesting colours, texturesand, above all else, style.

“Paper really do has a lot more to offer,” said founder and creative director Dora Harun.

“Many decor themes feature cookie-cutter materials and ideas — handcrafted paper is a fresh take it’s different, intriguing and it captures attention. You can only do so much with real flowers,” added co-founder Raja Nur Aainaa.

There is no better way to make a point than by showcasing the potential of the craft through the Malay hantaran (gifts exchanged by the couple).

DH recently collaborated with beauty and grooming boutique retailer Kens Apothecary to come out with a brilliant wedding tray arrangement series incorporating paper florals and marble-printed finish.

Inspired by the goddesses of Greek and Roman mythology, the Kamelia and Cempaka collections are among the two whimsical design decors complete with a selection of products from luxury brands – By Terry, Diptyque and Annick Goutal.

The DH x Kens hantaran series is available until Dec 31. Each set is priced at RM200and the range of products is sold separately.

DH caters to clients who want a more extensive experience of its services.

“Apart from the various types of paper flowers, we do craft other shapes and figures as well like bows, diamonds and origami designs,” said Dora.

“Clients usually come to us with ideasin mind and we try our best to realise them. Being paper artisans, weof course promote paper artistry but we also offer fresh flowers upon request,” added Aainaa.

“Appreciation for handcrafted paper decor is not widely celebrated yet especially within the context of weddings. People are still sceptical of the aesthetics of paper crafts. We hope to change that,” added Dora.

One of the ways – apart from presenting mesmerising design arrangements – is by highlighting the amount of time and effort that go into producing paper art.

“There are a lot of things that go into play when creating a paper flower – you have to decide on the type of material (whether the weight produces the right effect once the petals are constructed), colour, size and so forth,” said Dora..

“Since we also do wedding backdrops, a lot of calculations have to be taken into consideration as well,” she added.

To view DH Artful Décor paper masterpieces, follow it on or visit

Dora (left) and Ainaa with the decorative paper flowers. Pix by Mahzir Mat Isa.

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