It’s a matte lipstick finish with the initial texture of a gloss, giving you the winning combo of matte finish without the pulling effect of a stick.

LIPSTICKS is a vice for many women — they won’t leave home without swiping at least some lip colour on. Most lipstick lovers ei ther have more lippies than they use or buy the same shade year in year out.
The fight for the commercial share of the lipstick pie is also intense. From independent local brands to high-end international ones, everyone is outdoing each other in terms of colour choices, pigmentation, staying power and all other characters women look for in lipsticks.
American label Urban Decay released its Vice Liquid Lipstick (RM79 each), following the success of its 100-colour Vice Lipstick. The liquid sister has 30 shades and it’s enough to satiate your lipstick fantasy. From Time (grey) to 714 (red) to Naked (nude, of course), the colour range is wide and you’re bound to find at least one that suits you.

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Although it is made with a waterproof formula (ironic since it’s called Liquid Lipstick), the brand says it doesn’t transfer on anywhere, until you take it off.
The lipstick may look watery when you apply it — nothing like the comfort matte finish it says on the website — but wait a while… it dries up and looks and feel like a matte lipstick.
The reason I don’t lean towards matte lipstick is I dislike the pulling effect on the lips when I put it on. It doesn’t glide nicely like hydrating lipsticks do. But the Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick is like a matte lippie cheat sheet. You apply it as you would a gloss, but it ends up looking like a matte lipstick. Genius.
I can’t stress this enough but you have to wait patiently for the colour to dry to get its waterproof feature. Otherwise, it will just stick on cups and spoons like your regular non-long staying lip colour.
I tried Naked, Backtalk and Rapture (all natural and brownish shades, yes) and I love them all primarily because at the end of the day, my lips don’t flake. I like the staying power that they give me, without it feeling heavy on my lips.

Reminiscent of its Vice Lipstick case, Vice Liquid Lipstick comes in a clear tube (so you can see the shade inside) with a metallised gunmetal cap and gold accents.
The extra long, flocked paddle applicator provides a nice, even laydown of colour every time. The flat edge gives you complete coverage in one coat, while the tip allows for precision lining — perfect for areas like the corners of the lips and the Cupid’s bow.
The formula holds heavy loads of pearls and glitter, so the shade lineup ranges from shimmery to matte. Special technology in the formula allows the pearl to float on top, giving its metallised shades the maximum amount of shimmer.
Do I love this? Yes. It’s light, matte and doesn’t dry my lips at all. To take it off at the end of the day, just emulsify it with oil and you’re done.

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1. First, line lips with the precise applicator, then apply one coat to fill. Do not press lips together.
2. If desired opacity is achieved, let dry. A little goes a long way, but for more coverage, apply a second coat.
3. Let it dry completely and you’re good to go.

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