DYSON is one of those companies that doesn't make a wide range of products.

If you walk into its newly-opened store called Dyson Demo at The Gardens Mall next to Mid Valley in Kuala Lumpur, you find that it basically has four things on offer: vacuum cleaners, the bladeless fan/air purifiers, a hairdryer and an overhead lamp.

But these stylish products are known for its high prices, and some even call Dyson a luxury tech company. The cheapest vacuum cleaner is RM2,599 and the least expensive fan is RM1,899. The most expensive air purifier is just under RM3,000.

So the Dyson Demo, of which there are several around the world, is designed specifically to let potential customers pick up and try the technology so they can decide if the items are worth paying for. Trained staff are also on hand to answer questions.

For example, Dyson claims that its Pure Cool Link purifying fan can remove 99.95 per cent of allergens and pollutants in the air.

So there's a smoke-box in the store where you can see the machine in action, and you will witness that it doesn't take very long for the smoke to disappear once filtration takes place.

Meanwhile, the V8 vacuum cleaner is cord-free and weighs 2.6kg, with a digital motor that spins up to 110,000rpm for a powerful suction performance. The store provides three surfaces -carpet, wood and tile -and a variety of household debris like cereal and sand for people to test the machine.

Roovers using the smoke-box to explain the workings of a Dyson air purifier.

All these technological capabilities are the result of millions that the British-based company spends on research and development.

Its Supersonic hairdryer came from a £50 million (about RM279 million) hair research programme, where engineers studied the hair from root to tip, how it reacts to heat and stress, and how to style it.

Dyson Demo has two styling stations for potential customers to try the RM1,799 hairdryer. The store also offers complimentary in-store styling using the dryer. Appointments can be made online at www.dyson.my/dyson-demo-malaysia.

From the Press release, Dyson's head of electronics Jim Roovers says, "It is critical for people to be able to test and experience our technology, so they can understand how it works. This space is designed with that in mind. You can pick up the machines, pull them apart, and thoroughly test them on our test tracks with various dust samples."

In addition to the store, Dyson's presence in Malaysia also comes in the form of a development centre in Johor Baru that employs more than 1,100 people. It adds that it further supports the local economy through its supply chain by at least 10 times.

There are two styling stations at the Dyson Demo, and in-store styling sessions can be arranged online.


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