The Organique Age-Reverse range has many plant based ingredients.

LIKE most women, I have a variety of skincare products on my dressing table. There are cleansers, creams, serums and the like, but I prefer that these products come from the same brand.

Although most people mix and match products from different brands, I believe that products within the same brand work more effectively because they complement one another.

Organique skincare by Olinda Spring recently made its debut in Malaysia. Founded in 2012 by Christina Chen with the aim of creating a skincare range that is natural and caters to all skin types, the brand strongly advocates that a healthy complexion can only be achieved via a healthy lifestyle in combination with nature’s purest botanical ingredients.

It’s a known fact — use skincare that has natural ingredients and eat and sleep well and you’re on your way to a glowing complexion.

The sleeping mask feels very comfortable on the skin.


I decided to give the brand’s Age-Reverse range a try. At my age, anything that says it can reverse ageing is always a draw. I would give anything to have the kind of skin I had in my twenties.

The Age-Reverse range has seven products for a complete skincare regime, comprising cleanser and toner, day and night cream, serum, eye cream and mask.

The cleanser with white tea and rose hip oil, is a good start for someone like me who has combination skin that is also prone to dryness due to age. It gently cleanses without leaving my skin feeling taut. Rose hip oil also has healing properties so that’s an added bonus.

The toner has ginseng root extract to boost skin firming. I usually don’t use toner, having once been told by a dermatologist that it’s an unnecessary step in skincare. I certainly can’t say anything about the “skin firming” properties of this toner because I didn’t notice any additional firmness to my skin after use, but it did help my face feel more refreshed after cleansing.

The serum on the other hand, with Australian wild rosella extract, is a winner in my book. It makes skin look much more hydrated and as a result, more youthful. I notice a softness in my skin and overall better texture after a few weeks of use.

The same applies to the eye cream and the overnight sleeping mask. As someone in her mid-forties, I know how important it is to use an eye cream and mask regularly because the signs of ageing (lines, lots of them!) are most visible around the eyes, forehead and lip area. A good eye cream and mask is, therefore, vital to combat these signs which tend to make one look tired and haggard.

The mask feels very comfortable on the skin, especially when applied just before bed. The last thing I want is something thick and greasy on my skin at night. This mask has a lovely texture and makes skin look well hydrated and “rested” the next morning.

In general, the Age Reverse range targets the common ageing concerns of many women. I wouldn’t say you will wake up and find yourself 20 again but at least you may look a fantastic 40!

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