Actress Fasha Sandha sent a press statement on her next course of action from Australia, since she has no plans to hold a press conference regarding the matter upon her return. FILE PIC

FAR from being over, the spat between popular actresses Fasha Sandha and Nora Danish is unfolding like a soap opera.

While Alexis and Krystle were fictional characters that used to entertain TV audiences in the 1980s series Dynasty, this episode currently happening in our very own entertainment backyard, may soon turn into a courtroom drama.

Still holidaying in Australia, Fasha, 33, yesterday sent over a written press statement on her next course of action, since she has no plans to hold a press conference regarding the matter on her return.

“Although the organisers of ‘Fenomena Aidilfitri’, Glass Go Media, has apologised to me, I still intend to take legal action against the organisers, as well as the ‘third party’ for defaming me.

“I did not mention any names on my Instagram account @fashasandha, and what I wrote there was only to share my thoughts over what had taken place during the said event. So, what proof do they have about me badmouthing any individual as claimed?” said the mother of two.

“I will file a defamation suit against anyone who has claimed that I have caused damage to the (clothing) label and I’m not scared to do so,” said Fasha, who also added that this was not the first time this individual had attempted to sue her.

“This ‘third party’ sued me seven years ago. However, it was a futile attempt. And now, she is attempting to do the same again,” she said.

“I view the action of suing me by the ‘third party’ as immature,” said Fasha, adding that this would be the last time she would comment on the matter, since it is now being handled by her legal team.

On Thursday, Fasha posted a long caption on her account, venting her frustration at a situation she was caught in.

She said a fellow celebrity wanted her out from a fashion event, ‘Fenomena Aidilfitri’.

According to Fasha, she was informed that the celebrity
threatened to pull out from the function should she make an appearance.

At the end of her caption, she wrote: “All the best to you burung hantu (owl) #moveonplease”.

The following day, Nora Danish told the media that she was suing Fasha Sandha and a blogger for making defamatory remarks about her on social media.

Present at the press conference was Amiruddin Rizuan Ali, director of Glass Go Media, who admitted that the confusion had arisen due to his own flawed judgment and apologised to both actresses for having caused the inconvenience.

While Nora accepted the apology, she was adamant about taking legal action against Fasha and the blogger for defaming her.

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