Actress Dr Soo Wincci says it is time to take on more challenging roles

KUALA LUMPUR: AS an actress, Dr Soo Wincci is game for anything that will help establish a strong and diverse career. And that includes stripping down to her birthday suit for a raunchy scene in a film.

“However, I won’t simply go naked just for the sake of it,” said the former Miss Malaysia 2008 during an an interview at Balai Berita in Bangsar recently.

“Before agreeing to nude scenes, I will first need to find out whether they are necessary to the character that I am playing.”

The PhD holder in business administration takes Oscar-winning film director Ang Lee’s erotic espionage thriller Lust, Caution as an example of a classy production.

“The movie is a work of art.

“If the nude scene isn’t backed by a strong plot and storyline, then it’s pornography, which I’ll never do.

“My decision will greatly depend on who is behind the production and screenplay.”

Although she has yet to receive such an offer, Soo, who is also a singer, got to show off her sexy side through Osman Ali’s romance drama, Kau Yang Satu.

Playing Isabella, the provocative and flirtatious mistress to the leading man (played by Aaron Aziz), the 31-year-old said she did not hold back in delivering a sexy portrayal of her character.

“When Osman offered me this role, he said if I were to take it up, I’d have to give it my all. So, I attended an acting workshop by renowned actress Ellie Suriati,” she said.

So far, Soo has starred in locally-produced Chinese and Malay dramas. She has also appeared in television series Scent Of Jasmine and Backlight Lovers, produced in China and Taiwan, respectively.

“The characters I previously took on have all been the ‘good girl’ ones. It’s time that I diversify and take on roles that are more challenging,” she said, adding that Isabella, the antagonist in the film, was one.

“I’m quite the nerd. So, I am nothing like Isabella!” said the actress, laughing.

“My fans know what I’m like in real life. So, having to portray such a contrasting character was fun and gratifying,” said Soo, who is actively pursuing a singing career in Taiwan.

Next month, she will begin filming her own reality show, which will be available on her official YouTube channel.

Since Kau Yang Satu marks her first attempt at playing the role of a vixen, is she worried that the role would affect her image in any way?

“Besides my PhD ‘Dr’ title, I’m also an actress who is required to play various characters to establish a name in the entertainment scene,” said Soo.

Kau Yang Satu, which opens in cinemas on July 27, also stars Izara Aishah and Hisyam Hamid.

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