Hawa Rizwana Ahmad Redzuan is an avid reader and likes to follow issues of public interest. PIC BY MAHZIR MAT ISA

HER strong presence on Instagram totalling 52,000 followers can put even some celebrities to shame.

Boasting an uncanny resemblance to popular television host, actress and entrepreneur Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor, it is no wonder that Hawa Rizwana Ahmad Redzuan has become the talk of the town.

She first realised it a few years back as a student. She had people coming up to her, telling her the similarities with Neelofa.

Several clips consisting of her Instagram photos and video recordings of her as a student made their way to YouTube. The videos received more than 24,000 views.

“I was surprised to learn of this from my parents and relatives. Even they did not expect me to become popular,” she said at Seri Pentas, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, recently.

“I’ve never thought of myself as Neelofa’s double. Of course, I take that as a compliment because I admire Neelofa for her knowledge, talent, beauty and entrepreneurship.”

Hawa, who hails from Langkawi, Kedah, and the daughter of veteran Selamat Pagi Malaysia co-host Ahmad Redzuan Abdul Rahman, had never met Neelofa in person, but would be honoured should the opportunity arise.

“She’s one of my favourite women in showbiz. Perhaps, when I start work on Sept 1, I’ll get to meet and interview her!”

It was Hawa’s father who suggested that she pursue a career in broadcasting.

“He told me I have good communication skills and a ready smile. I’m also a chatty person. That’s why I took up mass communications,” said the second of three siblings, who graduated early this year.

While her father worked for Radio Televisyen Malaysia, Hawa has always been a TV3 and TV9 fan. She grew up watching popular documentary series Majalah Tiga, and admired its former host, Nor Azlina Redzuan.

“TV3 and TV9 have always given viewers a less formal, viewer-friendly approach to broadcasting.

“This is what I like about them, and I’m glad to have spent four months of journalistic training with TV3, hosting women’s magazine show Wanita Hari Ini.”

While Hawa enjoyed her stint with Wanita Hari Ini as she is passionate about women’s issues, she prefers dealing with national news as current affairs are more her interest.

“I’m an avid reader, and I like to follow issues of public interest,” said Hawa, whose job scope also includes researching and coming up with special reports, and interviewing people from all walks of life.

As a newscaster, Hawa will helm Berita TV9 at noon and 8pm. In each of her appearance she will share duties with a senior newscaster.

In the long run, TV9 encourages its newscasters to become producers, and Hawa believes it will put her journalistic skills to good use.

“It is natural for newscasters to become producers of their news programme and on my part, I would love to produce and host documentaries about Malaysian issues, along the lines of Majalah Tiga.”

Hawa is fluent in Bahasa Malaysia and English, and can also speak a little Mandarin.

“This comes in handy if I were to cover reports on Malaysians in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Mandarin is not easy, but it’ll become increasingly important in the years to come.”

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