Singer Siti Nordiana performing during the closing ceremony of the Kuala Lumpur Sea Games 2017 at the National stadium Bukit Jalil on Aug 30. Pic by OSMAN ADNAN.

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer Siti Nordiana's performance of Datuk Siti Nurhaliza's hits Cindai and Lebih Indah, at the recent Sea Games 2017 closing ceremony didn't fare well with some music fans.

They said that the Gegar Vaganza 2015 champion might not have been the best choice to take on such iconic numbers, and that the quality of her performance was not up to par.

That's why the 32-year-old who is more fondly known as Nana, was ever so thankful to receive encouraging words from the legendary singer Siti Nurhaliza herself, which she said had helped instil some confidence in facing such criticism.

"Siti advised me not to take any notice of the criticism on social media, and even applauded my effort in attempting to give my best performance that night," said Nana to Berita Harian recently.

"I'm extremely grateful for her kind and inspiring words, especially since she's one senior in the music scene whom I look up to."

Speaking on the netizen's reaction, Nana said, "As a human being, I have feelings. It's not that I've never been criticised before but when it comes at me at full force, it leaves a deep impact especially when I have given my all into the performance.

"It's simply impossible for me to present a performance that is just as great as the original singer's, but at least I've tried. And it's a proud moment for me to be given such a grand opportunity."

Nana added that the criticism would not get her down, but instead fuel her energy and spirit to work even harder in the future.

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