Song Joong-ki (left) and Song Hye-kyo at their wedding day.

ON Oct 31, Chinese media outlets had raised ire among fans of South Korea’s top acting stars Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo for allegedly live streaming their private wedding reception.

Recently, they got themselves into trouble when it was reported that they spread a rumour about Hye-kyo being pregnant.

According to an allkpop news report, it began when Joong-ki had flown over to Hong Kong to host the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards last Friday.

On his way home, he was seen holding an item with the word “Baby” printed on it.

Chinese media outlets had assumed it was a book on baby care and that he had bought it to aid him with his wife’s pregnancy.

However, it was confirmed later that the item was a gift Joong-ki had received from a fan, and that the pregnancy reports were false.

Chinese Netizens chided the media outlets for spreading the rumour and they were joined by South Korean Netizens who felt that the media outlets should have checked all facts before publishing their reports.

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