Bront Palarae hopes his Tagalog accent translates well into the screen. PIC BY KHAIRUL AZHAR AHMAD

FROM learning the Hebrew language to portraying a former Jewish soldier in the hit
Indonesian film, Ayat-Ayat
Cinta 2
, actor Bront Palarae,
39, is known to not to back
down from a difficult acting

This time, he took on the challenge to master Tagalog for Filipino horror film Daddy’s Home.

He plays a father named Bront “Daddy” Fernandez, and in the film, he speaks English and Tagalog. 

“I had to learn the language within a short span of time, so that was challenging.

“But, thank God, I had a brilliant dialect coach with me for 10 days straight before filming began, which made grasping the language easier.

“I hope my accent translates well into the screen,” Bront

Comparing the level of difficulty between learning Tagalog and Hebrew, Bront said each language had given him different experiences.

“Having to speak in Hebrew for Ayat-Ayat Cinta 2 was nerve-wracking because my character had to be angry and intense when delivering the lines.

“So, on top of having to master the language, I had to speak it at
a faster rate and make sure
the pronunciation was spot

“As for my character in
Daddy’s Home, the way I speak Tagalog is less intense.

“But with a foreign language, it is tricky nevertheless,” Bront said.

Daddy’s Home is a story
about a father who works as a smuggler to put food on the table.

One day, after returning from
a job, he comes back a different person and this is when mysterious things begin to happen.

“It’s not your typical horror movie.

“There are some surprising elements that will excite horror fans.”  

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