KUALA LUMPUR: Sometimes the past can come back to haunt you as singer Mawi recently found out after a music video of him performing a duet with Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor went viral.

The low-res video to the 4.56-minute Melayu asli-flavoured song, titled Lara Jiwa, features the 37-year-old singer trading verses and singing in harmony on the choruses with the former self-proclaimed First Lady of Malaysia.

Composed by Pak Ngah with lyrics by Siso, the tune was apparently recorded way back in 2005 after Mawi, whose real name is Asmawi Ani, had just emerged as champion for Season 3 of the popular reality TV singing competition Akademi Fantasia.

When contacted, the singer expressed his surprise at the matter although he also said that it was expected.

“I understand that the country has just wrapped up its 14th General Election (GE14). So whatever that involves artistes with former authority figures will be brought up and scrutinised by Netizens, including this song.

“I really have no problem with the tune going viral online as long as it is not politicised or misunderstood. It would be great that no bad news comes from this and I think that we all should look at it from a moderate perspective.

“After all, I am just a singer and this industry is where I make my living,” said Mawi.

He added that the song was his first ever collaboration with a well-known figure after he had won AF3.

The Jin Notti actor also denied that he had any personal interests with any party as alleged by certain quarters on social media.

“Maybe not many actually know that the song was recorded in conjunction with the formation of Tabung Persatuan Bencana Alam Negeri Kedah (Kedah natural disaster association fund). It was used as the theme song for the campaign,” said Mawi.

He added: “It was for a good thing. But some people have twisted it around and politicised the matter, which I don’t think is right. And they have, at the same time, used words that they shouldn’t have. I would like to say that we shouldn’t ever forget the good things that people have done for us.”

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