(File pix) Celebrity couple Aeril Zafril and Wawa Zainal. Pix from Wawa Zainal’s Instagram account

KUALA LUMPUR: Celebrity couple Aeril Zafril and Wawa Zainal have been known to make video clips lip-synching to popular Bollywood tunes.

Yesterday, Netizens were treated to a couple entertaining videos from them.

Wawa, 27, uploaded their latest videos, filmed in New Zealand last month.

It is believed that the videos are part of their marketing strategies to promote their Hari Raya collections for their clothing lines.

The videos were captioned by Wawa as such: “nah bideo hindustan untuk korang... p/s korang da tau kut nak pakai apa raya ni kan” (Here’s a Bollywood music video for all of you. P/s: Have you decided what to wear for Hari Raya?).

Many Netizens commented how romantically sweet the pair looked in the videos.

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