The key construction of the tights is for ease of dynamic movement.
The training tights is meant for low intensity workouts like yoga and high intensity sessions like high intensity interval training.

A new training tights are made for ease of movement and a firm hold, writes Syida Lizta Amirul Ihsan


Nike Zonal Strength Training Tights


Not all tights are created equal. Functionally, those who are into high-intensity exercises such as high intensity interval training, Viper or Spartan races and dance exercises, require core activation.

“Efficiency is always a key factor for our athletes — they want to get the most out of every workout,” says Helen Boucher, Nike Women’s Training Apparel Product vice-president.

Because tights are a huge part of any athlete’s uniform, the company analysed every design and fit detail to ensure key parts of the body are compressed to suit the right sport.

The key construction of the tights is for ease of dynamic movement.


The Nike Zonal Strength Training Tights is said to provide enhanced support and muscle awareness in the core, glutes, quads and hamstrings.

A high-rise waistband provides additional core awareness, which is integral for all training activities, from low impact like yoga to high impact cross training. Flat seams allow for zero distractions.


I wore it for a three-hour hike up Gunung Jerai and it held my core and quadriceps well that despite starting the hike with a slight knee pain. The pain did not worsen and I was able to move freely. The material around the calves is thinner, allowing my skin to breathe.

I used it again for stretching and resistance exercises, and it worked perfectly without gripping my muscles too tightly that it hinders my movement. It feels like second skin against my body yet it has a grip on my muscles.

I love the deep greyish green two-tone colour and was even complemented on it by a stranger when I was out for a run.

The tights is high-rise for core activation.


The high rise nature of the tights can, at times, be a nuisance when it rolls down to your stomach. I tried adjusting but at some point it rolled down again. It also does not have a pocket for small items (presumably because most of these exercises are carried out indoors, with a locker available) but I like having a small storage space on my workout tights.




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