Salahudin Ghafar and Serina Redzuawan with their children, Tristan Tareef and Isabella Saffiya, during happier times.

KUALA LUMPUR: FOLLOWING his father-in-law Datuk Redzuawan Ismail’s strongly worded statement, Serina Redzuawan’s husband, Salahudin Ghafar, has issued a media statement urging his family members to keep family matters private.

“It is the hope of any family that all family members support a couple going through marriage difficulties, and help them as much as possible to keep matters private, especially when children are involved.

“It is sad that certain comments about my family were released to the media, on my birthday of all days, about my marriage that both Serina and I have been at pains to keep private.”

Salahudin said Serina had always been in the media line and, thus, he did not try to persuade her to leave because “if you truly love someone you have to let them pursue whatever career that makes her happy”.

“I knew she didn’t want to be a housewife and anyone who knows her, will know she is a fun and energetic person who was born to be a star.

“I supported her choice and was proud of her.

“Throughout our marriage, I have paid for everything — a six-bedroom penthouse, family bills, the maid and holidays.

“I even made sure our children went to an international school so that they could have the best education.”

He said he was fine with taking on all the expenses as it was his duty to the family and he was fully aware of his responsibility as a husband.

“I was thus devastated when Serina decided to move out of our house in January last year and asked for a divorce.

“I didn’t and still don’t understand the reason why she left as she hasn’t told me.

“However, I hope that a resolution can be sought and the marriage repaired,” said Salahudin, adding that he did not believe any third party was involved in disrupting their marriage.

He said he and Serina were trying to resolve matters amicably and they had the children’s best interests at heart.

“I am deeply saddened that I have to issue this statement as my intention as well as Serina’s was to keep this matter private.

“I sincerely hope that any family member who has the best interests of their children or grandchildren at heart, can direct their questions to Serina and me rather than feeling the need to tell the world.

“At the end of the day, my close family and friends know the truth and these people are the only people important to me.

“One day we will all be judged by our actions and I know when that day comes, I can hold my head up high.”

Chef Wan immediately replied to his son-in-law’s contention through an Instagram post, calling Salahudin a liar.

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