The aqua boost solution treatment is perfect for dry skin.

Physical health goes hand in hand with inner well-being at an aesthetic spa.

BEAUTY should not only be about looking after physical traits, it must include inner well-being. This is the approach of De Era Wellness Specialist (Dews), said to be Malaysia’s first comprehensive aesthetic spa.

The treatments on offer are a combination of managing both inner and outer beauty such as prevention, restorative therapy and aesthetic care. The spa employs aesthetic doctors and beauty and wellness professionals who believe that a longer and fuller life begins with inner balance between mind, body and soul based on the concept of functional medicine.

Dews medical adviser Dr Lim Wooi Khai says functional medicine, which is a new concept, addresses the underlying causes of the physical problems such as skin issues or hair loss.

“Our philosophy goes beyond just treating outer beauty. We offer a holistic approach as our treatments focus not only on treating the symptoms but also the cause of the problems.

“For example if someone has pigmentation problems,it may not due to sun exposure. We have to look for the underlying issue such as hormonal imbalance or diet.

“Our skin problem is a manifestation of the inside of our body. It is better to take care of inner well-being. Unfortunately, many people do not address this issue as they are more concerned with outer beauty.”

We offer a holistic approach as our treatments focus not only on treating the symptoms but also the cause of the problems. Dr Lim Wooi Khai

Customers have to fill in a questionnaire and based on their answers, the therapist will determined the proper treatment. But if the problem is complicated, they will be referred to a medical adviser.

“Our treatments are not invasive as there are many ways to prevent the problem without surgery or medications. However, it does not mean we only treat people with underlying issues. If someone prefers outer beauty treatment, it is their choice.

“The focus is on inner health as we believe in the idea of beauty inside out. But it also depend on customers’ preference. If they want treatments without counselling, we have various types that are suitable for them. But the difference in our centre is that the treatments and products are recommended by doctors.”

Dews, which launched its centre in Kota Damansara recently, offers three personalised counselling on wellness and beauty, nutrition and fitness.

The holistic approach to medical well-being uses a combination of inner and outer boosters. The former includes superfood regime, defence enhancer, refined bioregulator, pollution buster, healthy gut, age-less programme and memory upgrade. The latter covers treatments such as facials, body contouring and hair rejuvenation.

WHEN I enquireabout suitable treatments for stress relief at the De Era Wellness Specialist (Dews) aesthetic spa, the recommendations are aqua bed and aqua boost solution .

Since I do not have a serious medical condition — based on the questionnaire that I had to fill — these two treatments are apparently the most suitable forinner and outer wellness.

The aqua bed uses the Korean-made Suanae brand. It is similar to a water bed with a heater. The dry-type massage machine with water pressure technology fcouses on three therapeutic effects — heat, acupressure and rejuvenation. It helps to relax muscles, speed up metabolism, dilate blood vessels, thereby stimulating blood circulation. In additionto destressing, the treatment gets rid of toxins in my body.

It is also highly recommended for people whosuffer from insomnia, a condition that I have been experiencing for quite some time. Throughout the 45-minute acupressure treatment, I feel so relaxed and calm. As for the aqua boost solution, it is the best treatment for my dry skin.

The treatment uses the combination of natural peel and aqua oxygen treatments to exfoliate dead skin cells, improve moisture retention capacity, normalise irritated and stressed skin and penetrate deep into the skin's surface to speed upcell renewal. The first step in the treatment is to apply cleansing milk on my skin to clear the pores. Then the Dews therapist applies a detox cream which can detect the level of toxin on my skin.

She rubs it on my skin and after a while, the cream turns grey. A black colour shows a high level of toxins.

After that, she proceeds to exfoliate dead skin cells — through natural peel — using a microdermabrasion machine, followed with an aqua oxygen spray. Aqua oxygen regenerates collagen, reduces wrinkle and repairs and restores skin vitality.

Then she applies a thick hydrating mask on my skin. While waiting for the mask to absorb toxins from my skin, she gives me a shoulder and neck massage. It helps me to unwind so much so that I find it hard to stop myself from falling asleep.

After almost two hours I feel rejuvenated. For the entire day, I do not feel so stressed and my skin feels fresh and clean. I feel that these treatments do work for inner and outer wellness.

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