You can now make your own KitKat at the KitKat Chocolatory in Malaysia, one of three countries in the world to offer this creative option, writes Zurinna Raja Adam

Nestle’s business executive officer for confectionery ASEAN Sachin Goel’s work involves tasting KitKat chocolate bars every single day. Nestle’s business executive officer for confectionery must create bars from over 10,000 combinations of hand-picked ingredients — like different types of nuts, raisins and tea leaves.

“Honestly, my favourite is still the original KitKat. It reminds me of my childhood. I keep those in the locked drawer in my office,” he said during a media briefing recently.

Extra KitKat treats locked away in a drawer? We can all relate to its famous tagline “Have a Break, Have a KitKat”.

KitKat is the No.1 chocolate brand in Malaysia. This became the push factor for Nestle in deciding to operate its first customised chocolate experience store in Southeast Asia at MidValley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur. Known as the KitKat Chocolatory, the store opened its doors to the public in October last year.

The other two chocolatories are in Japan and Australia.

“The store allows chocolate lovers to create their own custom-made KitKat. First, you choose your preferred chocolate from milk, white or dark and then select your additional flavours from a range of 16 premium ingredients,” said Goel.

“Customers can then proceed to choose from a wide selection of gift boxes, which can be customised with their names and include personalised messages as well as designs printed on the pack, making it the perfect gift. This store is a significant step in the brand’s quest to continue giving Malaysians the opportunity to create and indulge in the revolution of KitKat,” he said.

The chocolate bars are tailor-made onsite and ready within an hour.

Meanwhile, the most popular recipe created by customers has become one of its most sought-after flavour today. The KitKat Traditional Malaysian Nasi Lemak has a nice creamy coconut and nutty taste, topped with chilli flakes for the “sambal tumis” kick.

One of its most sought-after flavour at the KitKat Chocolatary -- the KitKat Traditional Malaysian Nasi Lemak. Pix by SHIRAZ ALI

Goel said the KitKat Nasi Lemak flavour was supposed to be available for just a month but has been extended to three months now due to popular demand. Other special flavours developed by customers, which are currently on sale at its store include Cafe Latte with Cookies and Cream, and Banana Nuts Caramel Cluster.

“To drive an iconic chocolate brand like KitKat into the 21st century, we need to modernise the experience of the product and the customer’s experience. We are promoting personalisation, which showcases every consumer’s uniqueness by allowing them to make their own creations. We are delighted that it has been well-received and enjoyed by our customers of all ages,” he said.

Created in 1935, KitKat became part of Nestle’s range of confectionery products in 1988, and grown to become one of its most popular brands. It has stayed true to its branding direction and continues to be a leader even after 82 years in the market.

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Business Executive Officer, Confectionery, ASEAN Markets, Sachin Goel with his all time favourite original KitKat. Pix by SHIRAZ ALI

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