Traffic along the Salem-Kochi Highway in Cochin, Kerala. Pix by B. SURESH RAM
The beach walkway at Fort Kochi in Cochin, Kerala. Pix by B. SURESH RAM
Chinese Fishning Nets of Fort Kochi in Cochin remain one of the attractive points of the port city facing the Arabian Sea.Pix by B. SURESH RAM
The Nehru's Park for Children in Fort Kochi is also an oasis for adults, as they take break from the daily grind. Pix by B. SURESH RAM
Traditional fisherman returning with their daily catch near Cochin, Kerala. Pix by B. SURESH RAM
Part of Cochin City skyline, across Vembanad Lake. Pix by B. SURESH RAM
This suburb in Fort Kochi near the Port of Cochin shows daily life taking place. Pix by B. SURESH RAM

Kochi known as Cochin in the colonial times is a 600 year old port-city in the state of Kerala, in south west India. The bustling commercial port opened its doors in 1341 to Arab, Chinese and European have left indelible marks on its history and development.

Its strategic importance over the centuries is underlined by the sobriquet Queen of the Arabian Sea. Informally, Cochin is also referred to as the Gateway to Kerala.

The influence and fusion of Arab, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and British from the past can be seen in the various house's of worship, culture, food and everyday life.

Cochin continues to develop and progress in the 21st century as fisherman, Chinese centilever fish net operators and other centuries old traditions compete with booming tourism.

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