This handheld mobile device is not only convenient but also saves you from exorbitant roaming bills, writes Hanna Hussein

FLIGHT bookings, check! Hotel bookings, check! What else do I need to prepare for my holiday in Japan?

Oh yeah, I definitely need Wiyo, a handheld mobile device that provides wireless Internet access anytime, anywhere when I am travelling abroad.

It may sound silly to rent a mobile WiFi since you can activate international roaming with your telco provider or buy a new sim card upon arrival.

But renting a mobile WiFi is so much more convenient and, best of all, it saves you money too! No more nasty surprises on expensive roaming bills.

Wiyo charges a flat daily rate up to 64 per cent cheaper and 10 times more data allowance when compared to the normal Roaming DayPass of mobile operators.

For example, my mobile operator’s roaming charges can go up to RM38 per day for just 500mb of data. With Wiyo, I only have to pay a minimum of RM20 per day and the data is unlimited in Japan.

On top of that, one WiFi unit can be shared with up to 10 devices. Super value if you travel in a group!

The company provides mobile WiFi all over the world including Indonesia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Macau, Vietnam, the Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Australia, the United States, Hong Kong, Europe and even Malaysia.


To pre-book the Wiyo portable WiFi, head over to All you have to do is log in, submit your booking request online by filling in the travel details and pay through the dedicated MOLPAY payment gateway.

Once online booking is completed, a booking summary will be emailed to you. The receipt will include the Wiyo WiFi order and how you can pick up the device.


For those who depart from klia2, you can pick up your device at the Wiyo counter located at the Arrival Hall Level L2-13.

However, my flight departs from KLIA and there are no Wiyo pick up counters there. A representative, therefore, will deliver it to me personally on the departure date and time at no charge.

It’s super convenient. I only have to WhatsApp my details as well as the time and place of meeting to the telephone number provided in the booking receipt.

Here’s my experience using Wiyo: Upon my arrival at KLIA, I go straight to the check-in counter to check-in my luggage. Once I’m done, the representative calls me to inform that she’s there. I see a woman waving at me not too far away — well, that must be her.

She passes me a blue bag with a bright orange Wiyo logo. Inside is a device and a cable charger. Fast and superb service!


Using the device is easy. Just switch it on by holding the power button until the network appears. At the back of the pocket WiFi, there’s SSID and password which you have to key in into your device’s WiFi setting. 

Once that is done, you are connected! Now, I can stay connected with family and friends through social media and upload my travel stories anytime, anywhere. 

Plus, travel is made easy with Wiyo. I don’t need to find free WiFi at cafes. All I have to do is switch on the device. The battery can last the entire day too!

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