Datuk Rizalman Ibrahim hopes the television show will inspire viewers.

CONTINUING the tradition of celebrating Asian talents, television channel Life Inspired is giving viewers a taste of the daily life of Datuk Rizalman Ibrahim, one of Malaysia’s celebrated fashion designers, through its latest series, aptly titled Rizalman.

In the all-access, no holds barred reality show, the designer will be sharing his personal life.

Known for his meticulous craft and deft combination of classic elements with contemporary design, Rizalman is synonymous with luxurious fashion creations — from form-fitting garments to flowy kaftans and from frills to peplums.

He is a favourite among discerning ladies — from royalties and socialites, to celebrities.

“It was a dream come true when Life Inspired offered a TV show on its channel. It is my wish that I satisfy the curiosity of viewers who wish to find out more about my life and how I handle the creative processes of my work.

“I’ve always been asked on how I manage it all. I hope the show will answer those questions and inspire viewers,” he said.

The eight-part series will highlight the daily life of Rizalman, the designer, interior decorator, celebrated fashion guru, wedding and event planner, entrepreneur and devoted father.

Get up close and personal, as he seamlessly juggles between his busy schedule and discover what inspires him to create his works of art.

A show about Rizalman would not be complete without seeing him on his jet-setting journeys. Get ready to travel across the globe traversing to Paris, France, Guang Zhou, China, and neighbouring Singapore while the crew joins Rizalman on his material-sourcing trips and his out-of-the-box creative fashion shoots.

Also, do not miss out on special appearances by his A-list friends like TV host, actress and entrepreneur Neelofa Mohd Noor, former beauty queen Deborah Priya Henry and singer Dayang Nurfaizah.

Rizalman seems to attract the crème de la crème of high society who seeks his advice on everything fashion.

Besides featuring his pool of clientele comprising glitterati, the show also highlights the people behind the man who are stars in their own right, including his two adopted children.

Also included is Rizalman’s 25th Jubilee Collection.

According to him, it was time to raise the bar and be on par with other international figures.

Being a Malaysian representative on a regional platform, he said, he was delighted to share his story on Life Inspired.

It has also curated exclusive digital content of the show, which can be found on its digital platforms. Visit www.litvchannel.com to find out more. Rizalman premieres May 30, and airs on Tuesdays at 10pm, on Life Inspired (Astro channel 728).

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