Sales associate Wong Mee Fong (second from right) with Eastern European Embassies’ representatives.
(From left) Maanoj Nair, Thiriloshani, Sabrina Siah, Mikhail Mitryakov and Geline Cheng.

RENAISSANCE Kuala Lumpur Hotel recently celebrated its Global Day of Discovery. As part of the celebration and with the completion of Phase 2 of the renovation, the hotel showcased its various categories of the newly renovated rooms.

Entertainment for the evening was delivered by sales ambassador DJ Jason behind the console while saxophonist Goh Boon Aik blew his horn and local talent Anding Indrawani showcased his singing talent.

The highlight of the evening were the lucky draws, which offered many attractive stays at Renaissance Hotels and Resorts within the Asia Pacific region.

Lucky draw winner Sophia Wong with Director of Sales & Marketing Ivy Ng.

(From left) Leoniel DG, Elana Khong, Aizan Hamid and Ivy Ng

(From left) Ms Hawa, Song Mei Lan, Alexander Shambly and Christine Hellessy.

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