This is our last issue of the year and on behalf of my team at Pulse&Vibes @ Life&Times, I’d like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all our readers who’ve remained loyal to our weekend publications through the year/s. Your support drives us to do better week in, week out; you really are the fuel to our engine.

We will be entering the new year with a smaller team and fewer pages for you to leaf through, but rest assured, less is more. And we definitely subscribe to the adage quality over quantity. So, look forward to more great content from us. Should you have any suggestions or leads on great stories, feel free to write in to us. The occasional brickbats are also welcome!

There’s going to be plenty of challenges ahead and the landscape for us in the industry will be changing dramatically. But at Pulse& Vibes, we thrive on challenges. So bring it on! All you need to do is just hang in there with us!

Thank you once again for your support and here’s wishing you a most rockin’ 2018!

(Front row from left) Karen Ho, Gabriel Martin, and Intan Maizura Ahmad Kamal. (Back row from left) Aiman Ahmad Anuar, Zuliantie Dzul, Sulyn Chong, and Elena Koshy.


Intan Maizura Ahmad Kamal (Editor)

“New year, new...

Life! Well, when your repertoire of lament is made up of the same protest i.e. “I have no lifeeeeee...”, then I guess I should probably endeavour to remedy that in 2018! Because frankly, wailing the same tune to anyone who cares to listen is getting kind of tiring — for them and for ME! Much as I adore my job, I really need to stop being a boring fart and eat, drink, pray more than just Pulse & Vibes sometimes!

So what does having a life entail? Well, maybe I can just start simple: by leaving the office in time to catch daylight occasionally. Then I might just be able to make the time for that walk through the park where I can remind myself of the joys of smelling the roses.

And what of those books that I’ve amassed which continue to remain in their plastic wrappings, lightly dusted with err... dust because somehow I’ve never been able to find the time to actually read them. Three years after they were purchased! So I guess that ‘malady’ needs to be remedied.

Then there’s the big one — travels! I LOVE travelling. But travelling for work doesn’t count. Because when you’re travelling for work, your mind is just tuned to unearthing stories. I’m talking about travels where there are no strings attached and no PR person telling you what’s next on the itinerary. My target for 2018 is autumn in New Zealand in a caravan. Hear my cry, boss!

As a unicorn-loving Libran, I believe life should be colourful. I can’t wait to leave behind the monochrome shades of 2017. It’s time to start splashing colours on that new canvas of 2018. Til then, here’s to a rocking New Year!


Elena Koshy (Specialist writer)

“New year, new...


Diet. Yup, you heard me right! That set of Herbalife that’s been gathering dust at the corner of my room needs to be used. I’m tired of too-small and too-tight clothes that have been the bane of my life. I’m tired of waddling and I miss seeing my toes.

Forget the curtains I’ve been wearing and T-shirts that can fit a baby whale. I’m going on a diet and am blowing the dust off my trainers. Before my sisters swipe my Herbalife from under my nose, I’m going to suck it in and drink my meals. And no, I don’t mean blending a Big Mac and slurping that from a straw.

It’s tiring to have weight that fluctuates like a yo yo. My wardrobe’s bursting with clothes for every season — and I’m not referring to the weather. There are those “fat-days-where-I-can’t-see-my-toes” days, “Middling-where-I’m-in-danger-of-looking-like-a-Michelin-man” days, “Chunky-from-certain-angles” days, and “Thin-enough-to-wolf-down-a-burger” days.

Just for once, I’d like my weight to be within the acceptable BMI range for my height. Right now, it’s only achievable if I cut off both my arms and a leg. So yes, before I require a second seat when I board a plane, it’s time for me to hit the gym, calorie count and rekindle my relationship with the weighing scale. It’s achievable. All I need is a truckload of willpower to journey from flab to fab in no time!”


Zuliantie Dzul (Writer)

“New year, new...

Budget plan. Let’s be real, the economy is bad. But I won’t let that destroy my dream of travelling the world. But currently, my budget only allows me to travel to the nearest grocery store. But that’s about to change now that I’ve paid off my student loan and credit card.

Come January 1, my budget will include my “Before 40’ (my overseas trip plan before I hit the big four-o) fund. There are still so many places that I must visit, not just before I turn 40, but before I kick the bucket. There’s Hobbiton in New Zealand, which is on my bucket list because I’m a big Lord of the Rings fan. Then there’s the breath-taking vista in Santorini, Greece, which I hope I can enjoy with a drink in my hand, and also that dream Scandinavian exploration to hunt for the Northern Lights. It sounds ambitious but if I could save up like last time where I managed to raise the funds to celebrate my 30th birthday in Japan, I know I can do it again for my 40th.

I’m not much of a shopper or trend follower. I don’t need that exorbitant tudung or the latest make-up. I’d rather spend my money going somewhere new and making new memories. To quote Hans Christian Andersen: “To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live.”

Here’s hoping for a better year ahead. Happy New Year, everyone!”


Sulyn Chong (Writer)

“New year, new...

Smile! For the whole of 2017 I’ve been called a hamster. Not because of my hyper-energy (which I doubt I have), but for my cheeky grin that makes me look like a loving rodent. It’s a huge toothy smile that many seem to like, even when it makes me look silly. But hey, if it makes people smile with me, I consider my job done.

But for 2018, I believe I should procure a new kind of beam; one that’s an upgrade of what I already have. The sort that will spread more joy and wholesome cheer. It should also be infectious enough to make even the glummest of person smile. Not just a tiny smirk, but a full-fledge toothy grin if possible. I believe smiling is one sure fire way to counter the darkness that’s abundant in the world today. Even if it’s just one person smiling with me or back at me, surely it still goes a long way towards making the world a better place.

So turn that frown around and smile. The world and your spirit deserve it. Happy New Year!”


Gabriel Martin (Contributing writer)

“New year, new...

Home! I’ve finally gotten my keys to my own place and it’s an exciting yet daunting feeling. As a trained interior designer, I’m probably expected to turn my pad into a flamboyantly extraordinary home worthy of a page in a magazine. But the truth is, designers may have 101 ideas in their head but when it comes to their own space, it’s not that easy to put these ideas into perspective. To be honest, I have no idea what I’m going to do except for getting my ceiling painted dark (really dark) blue. But I’m open to trying something new.

As we usher in a brand new year, chances are, many of us would probably want to redecorate our space and spruce things up. Doing something different will make us happy and enliven the mood in the house. Go for a crazy print or go wild with colours. Pick up the paintbrush and make your own artwork to decorate the lacklustre corner in your bedroom. It all begins with baby steps. And hey, it’s not going to harm you to be slightly bold and audacious to get 2018 rolling. Happy New Year!


Karen Ho (Contributing writer)

“New year, new...

Countries to visit. For the past number of years, I’ve quietly resolved to visit at least one new country every year and 2017 exceeded my goal beyond expectation with four new ones to add to my list: Germany, Spain, Taiwan and Fiji. If I revisit a country, then I endeavour to choose a different city or town. My wanderlust is satiated by new destinations, not for the sake of creating a travel scorecard or increasing social media popularity, but because I think the world holds so many fascinating cultures and landscapes that it’d be a huge waste to frequent the same haunts or to experience them passively through the eyes of others.

There’s something incredible about experiences like seeing the historic Berlin Wall, kayaking through a small canyon, discovering how a particular city turns into a big party after 9pm or having a local person cook dinner for you. Every new place awakens all my senses, from tasting a foreign dish to seeing stunning local architecture, to feeling the air of a different climate.

I can’t wait to see where 2018 will bring me but I think I can hear some European countries calling me and Morocco, in light of the new visa-free travel policy. My own travel policy? Keep an open mind and smile at everyone. Here’s wishing you wonderful travel experiences!”


Aiman Ahmad Anuar (Contributing writer)

“New year, new...

Hopes. While the general rule of thumb each year seems to involve unrealistic, almost hilarious resolutions that never stick, I pray that 2018 will just bring people more hope. After all, it hasn’t been the best year for some folks. With natural disasters, the sad state of our economy, and lives lost in 2017, some people might not be as hopeful as they should be.

But the New Year is more than just a party at midnight; it’s also a symbolic step towards a new future. One that will hopefully bring more joy to the people we love and ourselves. It’s a chance for us to be a little more hopeful. And while the past year’s disappointments might discourage our vigour to be positive, let’s try our best to forget all the bad of the year that was and remember the good that can come our way in the year that will be. Let’s hope that 2018 will be great and let’s hope that we’ll have a great year together!”

Alan Teh Leam Seng


Alan Teh Leam Seng (Contributing writer)

“New year, new...

Stories for the heritage section. I endeavour to go off the beaten track and search for interesting abandoned buildings with historical significance. Perhaps something can be done after highlighting their ‘plight’.

Our nation’s rich literary past also needs a leg up. Of particular interest are the early letters or warkah sent by the Malay sultans to the British. In fact, every photograph, scrap of paper, porcelain bowl, and even the odd rusty toy has a story to tell.

I endeavour to find new flea markets and fairs to visit apart from those which have over the years become my usual haunts. The best places for stories have always been private homes. The ancestral photographs hanging in the hallway, the piles of photograph albums stashed in a drawer, and even the rusty old Raleigh bicycle in the backyard have tales waiting to be told.

Looks like I have my work cut out for me in 2018! Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!”

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