Even if you choose a high-rise building, there are elements that can affect the Feng Shui of your own unit.
Your house does not have to be big or pricey but with good Feng Shui it can certainly be your haven.
Water element such as a lake near our house can be beneficial to our house as it can attract positive energy.
All in all, your house must be livable for your loved ones and Feng Shui plays an important role.
Do you think that your current house is a good retirement place? With a good Feng Shui, it will be a great one for even your descendants.

IN selecting a house, one would always go for a property that has convenient access to commercial centres, shopping malls, schools, hospitals for example.

Similarly, in Good Feng Shui principle, besides the aforesaid, externally, one would always want the house to face an open and wide space with greens and, if possible, backed by higher land.

Houses facing pools of water such as ponds, lakes, swimming pools or sea-fronts are more valuable, said Feng Shui Master Kenny Hoo.

This is because these features provide stronger Feng Shui effects as they gathers a good set of qi and able to accumulate greater wealth and promote good health.

The interior design of the house is equally important. For instance, the main door should not face any sharp points or edges.

The stove, which acts as the “heart of house”, cannot point to any water element as otherwise, the family’s health status will be affected.

Room doors should not face one another “centre-to-centre” directly. This is because it potentially creates arguments among family members.

Room doors facing the bathroom would create health problems, Hoo added.

There are lots of “remedies” for situations where the Feng Shui is clearly bad.

Some masters emphasise on the use of symbolical figurines and statues, such as crystals and talismans.

According to Hoo, these have created a certain amount of confusion and misconception about Feng Shui.

“By contrast, an authentic, traditional Feng Shui method emphasises the external landscape and appearance, as well as the placement of internal items such as bed, stove and doors.

“The external factor carries heavier weights in Feng Shui effects. The Feng Shui effects from external and internal factors should match and achieve a balance among all family members.

“They should be arranged or customised based on the birth details of the family members. However, it does not require the use of such gadgets as crystals or statues.”

Hoo said the external factor, which includes the landscape, mountain, water and flow of qi, among other things, contributed about 70 per cent of Feng Shui effects.

He said a master Feng Shui practitioner might implement a higher level of skill through the use of the “Converge Water Technique” that could further assist in activating and capturing the auspicious qi for the family.

“In the recent years, we witness more and more housing developers giving heavier emphasis to the landscape design for their housing projects. This is, in a way, promoting better Feng Shui effects for the whole development and creating a more harmony and balanced living environment and lifestyle.

“Good Feng Shui is an accumulation of ancient wisdoms that aims to achieve a better quality of life for all. Feng Shui methods cannot be generically applied. It must be tailor-made or customised to match each individual. Therefore, it requires a combination of different sets of skills in order to achieve good results.”

Hoo said authentic good Feng Shui methods must combine the analyses of personal “life path” using Ba-Zi, Zi-Wei-Dou-Shu calculations or other analysis methods.

He said with good understanding about the life path status, a Feng Shui master could then suggest the best and most balanced Feng Shui arrangement.

“Good Feng Shui methods lead one to a clearer understanding about one’s life path. It helps greatly in the self-realisation process that aims to completely develop or fulfil one’s own potential.

“The self-realisation process via the life path analysis also helps one to ‘do the right thing at the right time’. This is especially useful in further leveraging opportunities and to minimise risks in life,” said Hoo.

“Feng Shui should not be regarded as any superstitious matter or black-magic. The authentic Feng Shui method is a ‘Business Booster’ that enables the efforts to be more effective. Life with Good Feng Shui is healthier, happier and wealthier.”

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