14th General Election (GE14)

It is a bumpy ride for motorists using pothole-riddled Jalan Kusta and Jalan BRP 8/1 in Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

ALFIE WU, who has been plying the roads daily, complained to Actionline that these potholes had been there for some time.

“We would understand if it was only one or two potholes. But the roads are filled with potholes.

“It starts from the junction of Jalan Hospital and Jalan Kusta right up to the junction of Jalan BRP 8/1 and Jalan BRP 2.

“I was pushed from one department to another when I tried to alert the authorities.

“This road is not built for heavy vehicles, but lorries including 40-tonne trucks, can be seen on the road. It used to be a village road until the area was turned into an industrial zone.”


A Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) officer told Actionline that repair works will commence in April.

He said that some parts of Jalan Kusta and Jalan BRP 8/1 were under the jurisdiction of MPS while others were, under the Public Works Department.

“The roads are now placed under the Malaysian Road Records Information System (MARRIS).

“Documents for repairs have already been sent and currently, we are waiting for funds from MARRIS.”

He said funds under MARRIS are given to state governments specifically to repair damaged roads.

“The road will be fixed as soon as possible.”

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