(File pix) Stray dogs that the Petaling Jaya Municipal Council catches would be sent to the Paws Animal Welfare Society. Pix courtesy of Paws Animal Welfare Society

Hungry dogs in

Kota Damansara


Langkawi district officer Isahak

Murat apologised to

Farah and her family for the


He said the jetty was managed

by an association of boat

operators who offered islandhopping


He said the district office

had allocated RM31,000 to

upgrade facilities at the jetty,

including building better toilets

for visitors.

“We expect the upgrading

work to be completed by the

end of this month,” Isahak


A FAMILY who went on holiday in

Langkawi early this year was

put off by the lack of basic

amenities at a jetty on Teluk

Baru beach.

Farah Liyana said she visited

Langkawi with eight family

members and stopped by the

jetty after a tour around the island.

“We wanted to freshen up after

the trip, but to our surprise,

there was only one toilet at the

jetty and it was run-down.

“We had to use the toilet at a

nearby petrol station to wash


Farah said the food stalls at

the jetty were in poor condition.

She said since Langkawi was

listed as one of the top destinations

to visit in 2017, the

authorities should ensure the

basic amenities for tourists

were well kept.

“The present situation will

not leaveagood impression,”

she said.

TWO stray dogs in Jalan Cecawi 6/22, Kota

Damansara, Selangor, have been disturbing

residents and passers-by, according to resident


He said the dogs would chase anyone and

sometimes would growl when they saw people

walking with food in hand.

“On many occasions, people are forced to let

go of the food as the dogs kept tugging at the

plastic bags,” he said.

“Residents staying nearby claimed the dogs

were once owned byaneighbour. But once

they matured, they were left to fend for themselves

on the streets.”

The toilet on the left is being upgraded and the middle one is the only ‘usable’ toilet at the Teluk

Baru jetty.


The Petaling Jaya Municipal Council said

dog catchers would be sent to the area.

“We will catch and send them to a shelter,”

said a council spokesman, adding that the

Vector and Public Health units had also

been informed of the matter.

“When caught, the dogs will be sent to

Paws Animal Welfare Society.”

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