The 4m-deep hole in Jalan Kampung Sireh, Kota Baru, Kelantan. Picture by Fathil Asri

RESIDENTS in Jalan Kampung Sireh, Kota Baru, have urged Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd (AKSB) to cover a hole that was dug to repair a pipe leakage recently.

They said the 4m-deep hole posed a danger to motorists, although the authorities had placed cones around it.

Trader Siti Aisyah Kamaruddin said the authorities must speed up the repair work to avoid accidents.

“I was informed that AKSB had completed their repair work on the leakage several days ago, but the hole is still there,” said the 32-year-old restaurant owner.

Motorist Izani Mahmud, 27, said he almost fell into the hole recently.

“It was late at night and I couldn’t see the cones. I had to swerve to the right. Otherwise, it would have been a disaster.”


An AKSB spokesman said it had directed a contractor to cover the hole and repave the


“We have repaired the leakage and will remind the contractor again,” he said.

The spokesman apologised to motorists and residents for the inconvenience.

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