Rubbish bins and chairs placed by shop operators to reserve parking lots at the Lembah Maju commercial area. Picture courtesy of reader

Shop operators in the Lembah Maju commercial area in Ampang are depriving residents of parking spaces by reserving lots in front of their business premises.

Tenants who rent houses in the area claimed they had to pay RM30 monthly for their slots but parking bays are limited because shop operators reserve their slots round-the-clock by placing chairs or trash cans in them.

“Every time I come back from work, there are no parking spots left. This is unfair as I have to pay the council monthly yet, it’s difficult to get parking,” said a resident, who claimed she had to resort to parking her car by the roadside, illegally.

“Residents have to risk getting fined by the authorities and I think this is unfair. The Ampang Jaya Municipal Council has to take stern action against the shop operators.”


Ampang Jaya Munipal Council public relations officer Norhayati Ahmad said each shop owners can only reserve two parking spots under the local council each.

“To do so, they have to pay RM240 for each parking spot. Each parking spot reserved by the shop owner will be outlined in red paint,” she said, stressing that chairs or trash cans used to block parking bays would be seized by the council.

Residents can lodge complaints to the council by going to Level 7 of the MPAJ office or by calling 03-42968037. Norhayati gave her assurance that an enforcement team would take immediate action.

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